wednesday 20/02/2013

Yeah, good luck IRL

Please cloese this thread. Thx Mods

tuesday 19/02/2013

Are those graksmxxt 0exp?

Looking to trade:

Marco Cr 0xp for Marco full + 5k
3 Marco Cr 0xp for 1 Jackie Cr 0xp or 1 Alec Cr 0xp.

Thanks and have a good day.

My cr's for sale / exchange
Prices are like on market
I'm looking for all types cards - Cr's, non cr's, 0xp etc...

◣Kreen Cr 0xp◥
◣2x Ambrose Cr 0xp◥
◣9x Smokey Cr 0xp◥
◣Cassio Cr 0xp◥
◣30x Noodile Cr 0xp◥
◣9x Noodile Cr◥
◣2x A Award Cr 0xp◥
◣Chiara Cr◥

thx MOD's

Still for sale!

I Sell 35 Leela for 43.200 clitnz. i Can accept cards as jackson, Desmond Lady, Naele.... Mín clintz 20k. The changes for secure trade. Thanks.

No i dont want to split the lots up as stated above

Lot 6 is gone smiley

That was fast, Thanks mods!

monday 18/02/2013

T gaank 6500 each total 234k

Hi all, as the title, i want to trade my lamar cr 0xp valued 485K cash or 500K cards + cash.

Cards that im looking for:
- Kerozinn Cr full valued 350K (the offer that incluede Kerozinn Cr will be most conisder)
- other playble cr
- Ghumbo 0xp (max 10 copy) 19K

Please make the offer by PRIVATE MESSAGE, the trade will be by SECURE TRADE.

Thanks MOD&FO!!!!!!!!!!!!

Please close the topic, Lao Cr 0 xp Princess Dr sold for 680K cash

Im looking to trade 4 splata cr 0xp for 4 0xp vickie cr

i offer 1 splata cr 0xp + 20k for 1 vickie cr 0xp
pm me if you want to trade, i dont want any other offer then a vickie cr 0xp

thank you mods

It's sold, thanks mod smiley

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