monday 18/02/2013

Hi everybody i have 70 t gaan (60 0xp) now it cost 9.5k i valorate then in 9k each one... i search other lots, cash, crs...

Mod we can close smiley

I trade my Cr:

Armanda Cr 850k
Ombre Cr 0exp 250k
Manon Cr 1800k
Shawoman Cr 800k
Miss Twice Cr 220k
Sigmund Cr 0exp 640k
20 Chiara Cr 17k l'una
Dragan Cr 900k
Tessa Cr 0exp 660k

and i search:

Dwain Cr 148k
Beltran Cr 165k
Ambrose Cr 400k
Rass Cr 625k
Aldebaran Cr 650k
Berserkgirl Cr 710k
Sum Sam Cr 1250k
Scarlett Cr 1600k

contact me by a pm


Caelus cr gone.
Got lizbeth, bloodh and all the other ulu watu.

Only ratanah and yayoi left.

Any cards you're looking for a one for one trade for Yoshida?

Threads of pfulls are not permitted smiley

15k + madelone to your copper. anyone?

As the title says and i would like 55k for the lot smiley

sunday 17/02/2013

Ok trades done, i still have
20x Amiral Coco full
15x Amira Coco 0xp

and im not looking for shann anymore

So..... Where'd you get the thorpah. I'm interested in trading. smiley

Update: No longer need any Frozn characters!!

Just Vortex now, thanks smiley

Have Vickie Cr 0 xp..

looking for Vickie Cr full XP + 10K

As the title says, I'm looking for 1 copy of Yayoi (any XP).
For trade, I offer 1 copy of Draheera FULL XP + 1 copy of Noodile Cr FULL XP + 6k clintz.
Contact via PM for faster response.

Thank you.

I have around 20 bezerk but don't have any you mentioned any others you want ?

Ok min 600000 only cash... or 620000 in cards...of course price is negotiable but not overdone

Bankee and tsuka are still up for sale

The three leela's are gone but i do have Oyoh, Eve, Boohma, and Gordon to trade

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