monday 17/12/2012

Redeem the Lao cr with: Tanaevera Cr , Jackie Cr , Alec Cr , Caleus Cr , Robb Cr , Marco Cr and Ongh

Closing got what I want smileythanks eveyone that helped!

Intrested in general cr ?

Intrested in general cr?

Update ~ Don't need any Flanagan anymore smiley
Sprinter 0xp - 1000 clintz each
Leela 1300 clintz each
Send sprinter and/or Leela for these price's in my ps smiley

Nobody interested ? is good for investment smiley

Loook at your PS @O come smiley

Kenny Cr for nightmare clan cards.Already have a kolos so no need for him pm me with offers.

Send me a secure trade.

Happy Holidays,

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14k + 0 xp Nekurenbo

sunday 16/12/2012

Well they went up to nearly 16000 a couple of days ago so thts why I don't really want to sell them for 10k or 11k like people keep asking. I could go to the market right now and sell them for 14k so I might just do that.

Hi!!! i sell Shawoman cr, i´m interesting vickie cr, tanaereva cr and jackie cr

I have 100 Kawamashi Full for trade too.

Sold, close please)

Please, make your offers in this thread not using the mail smiley

For that, I offer a few cards x splata cr
53k Ongh
114K 2Charlie
Kolos 50k
Cortez 79k
62k graks
Dagg 34k
16k Beeboy
14k Nobrodroid
42k 2Ghumbo
edd 12 7K100
Sah Brinak 23k
Jay 17k is full 0XP and are equal, but for q should know it ..
Niva 14k
all add up 525K, is my offer, because it is the value of splata market ....

a greeting

Kenny sold
Please close.
Thanks to everyone

0 xp - 874 995 Clintz smiley

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