thursday 14/02/2013

Ok im willing to sell/ trade my amirals, the prices are:
19x amiral coco full 2.2k sell/2.4k trade
22x amiral coco 0xp 2.3 sell/2.5 trade

the cards im looking for are:
Bangers: Blaaster Cr, Willy, Bodenpower, Shann, Juicy ord
Frozn: Sah Brinak
Jungo: Bragh, Niva, Sylth, Ongh
La Junta: Bryan, Ray, Naginata, Emeth
Piranas: Ahkab, Blodh, Scubb, Rhed Cr, Lizbeth, Hawkins
Rescue: Aurora, Kerry, Steve, Marco Cr
Vortex: Dagg, Dregn, Shaakarti, X-Odus, Oflgn

wednesday 13/02/2013

Trading Vickie cr estimate her at 450k

Looking for:

Caelus cr (worth 110k)
Tanaereva cr (worth 200k)


And other crs in bulks i don't mind i have a preference of chiara cr thank you pm me for faster reponce

Looks for cards or clintz. send me your offers

i have 180 0xp and 100 full

mainly looking for la junta.

what i would like is:

cards over 3k and stuff. thx mods smiley

armanda cr > 95 eebiza
rass cr > 80 eebiza
aldebaran cr > 80 eebiza
ndololo cr > 90 eebiza
scarlett cr > 200 eebiza
manon cr > 220 eebiza
shawoman cr > 95 eebiza
flavio cr > 90 eebiza
berserkgirl cr > 95 eebiza
Lao cr >95 eebiza
sum sam cr > 170 eebiza

ps : Secure transaction in exchange

Selling 110 leela 0xp for 1350/each

I'm looking for the following cards:
and and other 5K upsmiley

Negotiable. Probably.

thanks mod'ssmiley

Hello, i sell my stock of Eugene 0xp.
250 clintz cad.
28k clintz for all or 30 if you want trade a card.
the lot can be divided

dregn 0xp trade for x-odus full or 58k. maybe accept other cards.

contact me in mp please smiley
thanks mode for open this treath and good trade to all

Mods please close.


Please only equal market value trades

If nobody like I´ll put the whole lot into the official Market, that´s np for me if the price for the Kawamashi or Kostner or Revok goes down to 500 Clintz. I am tired... 13.2.2013 4pm.

I want to trade/sell Skullface Cr 0xp for 160k

I am interessed in cash and some card:

Hi i want a guru cr... i have to exchange the next cards:

Marlysa Cr 2
Jackie Cr 9
Tanaereva Cr 4
Kerozinn Cr 2
Tessa Cr 1
GraksmxxT 9
Caelus Cr 4
Clover 48
Splata Cr 1
Ambrose Cr 1
Ongh 5
Cortez 4
Ombre Cr 1
Blaaster Cr 3
Reine Cr 1
Leviatonn 15
Ahkab 9
Charlie 4
Numar 5
Dregn 4
Miss Twice Cr 1
Selsya Cr 1
Jim Cr 1
Emeth 6
A Award Cr 1
Beltran Cr 1
Dorian 5
Skullface Cr 1
Shakra 7
Kenny Cr 3
Dwain Cr 1
Thaumaturge Cr 1
Karrion 4
Dalhia Cr 3
Zatman 5

I have more card, i thing it is only to talk to try the exchange.. thanks for all

My Lamar Cr + compliment -> Vickie Cr smiley

Lookie to trade Jackie Cr 0XP for:


I have all that cards to trade for the vickie cr, only tell me what cards do you want exactly....

tuesday 12/02/2013

Azel ~ 2500
Shutane ~1050
Timmy ~650

Hello, I am selling 100 Elvis OXP!against 1,100,000 (11 000/T) in exchange clintz secure. thank you

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