saturday 15/12/2012

[Trade] My Smokey CR for your Kalindra

Choice of either 0xp or full Smokey

smiley good luck

Vickie cr 0xp for vickie cr full plus lizbeth

I trade 10 Beeboy full for Caelus Cr, contact me smiley thanks mod smiley

100, 000 its full, and people have just said stuff about that before but okay.
Trade has been done.
Please close

Forgot to mention Clints on my end.

friday 14/12/2012

Trading my Dahlia Cr for Robb Cr

I would be buyer at 80k smiley

Closed by request

I have Mylka 0 XP, willing to trade for Embolt 0 xp or Embolt full xp + 20 clintz

I'm not interested in Miss Twice Cr and Selsya Cr.

Plus if you hardly meet 1.65m, don't bother posting here.

Please write the price that you want to sell your card for smiley

Shawoman Cr 0xp by vickie cr+jackie cr+tanaere cr
smiley thanks

As the title says, I'm looking for trading my Splata Cr 0xp for yours full xp plus a negotiable complement in clintz and/or cards

Waiting for your offers


Oh I see your looking to trade your miss twice for lamar or elysa, nvm my last comment and Gl on finding trade smiley

I'm still interested to the change

Huh weird my other stuff didnt come through

only half of the message weird
Tanaereva Cr - 260k
Miss Twice Cr - 295k
Kerozinn Cr - 410k
Vickie Cr or Lamar Cr - 600k
Tessa Cr - 800k
Marlysa Cr 1.6M

The priorities go to the cards that I mentioned but Jackie Cr has the main still smiley

All other cards will still be considered, but not prioritized.

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