tuesday 12/02/2013

Seeing that both of their prices have changed, I'll pay the difference between the two.

Looking to sell or trade my dragan cr. Value at 745k. Accepting cash also looking to trade for any combination of Vickie cr , Lamar cr , Splata cr , playable crs up to the value mentioned . Open to all offers except for bulks. Willing to negotiate.

The title says it all! I look for a small complement of 2k.smiley

Here is the link to --> Lizbeth

PM me if you are interested.

Hello, I am selling 484 Wyre including 441 OXP! the rest not full! against 200,000 in exchange clintz secure. thank you

Trade my General Cr 0 XP for cards they reach the value of the card.

I am looking for these characters preferably:

Jackie Cr
Caelus Cr
Tanaereva Cr
kerozinn cr
lamar cr
splata cr

Among other cards. try a value that reaches 10 to 10.5 million

Close the topic, and I sold it for 8,016,000 clinzt Thanks to everyone and especially thanks bollibol, you are the best, super good deal

I search clover, a lot of clover... i prefer 0xp, nowadays i think that the price of clover is 8.900 for 0xp and 8.600 for full xp, my crs are at full level, the prices is the price of the market.

Thanks for all.

Hello i am interested in buying one General Cr for the full amount of clintz i am waiting fo offers.

Aldebaran cr + 20k cash

Anyone willing to sell them,
Leviatonn 14k
Wardom 13.5k

if it's okay with you, pm me or private trade. i would love to.

Please write the names of the cards that you are willing to accept for trade smiley

0xp Nanook for 2.9k/pc
0xp Jean for 2.4k/pc

per 10 copies you sell to me ill add 1k clintz..only interested in 0xp PM me or put in my private sales ty

thanks mods...

I will sell for 20k nothing less, plz pm me if you're interested smiley

Exchange my 2 Splata Cr 0 xp for their FULL completion more than 30,000 clintz each.

Got kerozinn Full

Hi all i want to sell or trade 2 lots & Tanaereva Cr full.

The 2 lots are:
lot 1: 500 Lucy 0hp: 5.500 Clintz/u
lot 2: 150 Cutey 0hp 3.200 Clintz/u

Tanaereva Cr full hp for 210.000 Clintz. ONLY CASH!!!!

I'm looking for:
- Cash
- Playble Cr
- Lot of Ghumbo 0hp (20.000 Clintz/u)

Contact me by Private Message.
Sell or Trade by Secure Trade!!!

thanks Mod & Forum Operator!!!!

monday 11/02/2013


I sell 100 Miho full for incredible 55.000 Clintz, if someone is interessed in just start Secure Trade or PM me.
I have lot of Bezerks too, so if you should like, you can ask me for.

Thanks at the wonderfull UR-Staff and a good UR to all smiley

I have:

Jose Star
Wayne Stark


I am looking for:


PM for faster response.

Thanks mods.

Now I have:
1) 1 lamar cr 0xp
1) 1 splata cr 0xp

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