thursday 13/12/2012

My lyse teria cr oxp 11 000 000 cash !

Adding 22 Benicio 0Xp
1,9k per head

I would like to trade your tsubame for my:

45x Kati, Varoius xp

if you do the maths you end up with a pretty good deal,

That is what i would preffer to offer if you are searching any cards in particular message me and we can sort out a deal involving them.

Merry christmas mods and players.

Still Looking

Add: 25 full xp Gabrielle 5500 each

Vickie Cr 0 exp = 600k

- I am looking for:
Beltran Cr full 200 k
Skullface Cr full 200 k
Selsya Cr full 200 k
Jim Cr full 200 k
a award cr full 200k
Ombre Cr full 300k
Miss Twice Cr full 300k
Ambrose cr full 400k
Splata Cr full 500k

- Clintz

- No Lots
- No other cards

Offered here or MP, thanks for the attention.

Kolos + uranus + comp(cards total 30k)

Buy = Tell the price you want to buy it : only with clintz, it’s not an exchange.

For future references, put in trade/exch/purch instead of buy

wednesday 12/12/2012

9 left! Same price!

You did not state the price of selling her

I have lamar now still want vickie

and I've decided to refill the amount of jeans so will still be selling 220 jeans

same price

Update: No longer need Kalindra. Here is an updated list of the cards I am still looking for:

- 1 Cortez
- 1 Tsubame
- 1 Lizbeth-
- 1 Charlie
- Spyke (s)
- Other Cr's
- Possibly other cards if the deal is good

Hi all, i'm trying to trade/sell my 115 0xp Clover

Price --> 9.8k/each

I'm loocking for:
Marco Cr 0xp (54k/each)

Using Secure Trade

Thanks smiley

Splata Cr with no xp added (lvl 3) up for trade.

Looking for Caelus Cr and Melissa Cr as a package to make the value fair. As of today's market you make a few clintz. If you want to throw in Romana or Miss Lizbeth to even it...more power to you. Message me and let me know, this deal will move quick. Prefer if your cards are not developed, but not totally necessary.

You can sell these on the market, not that you aren't already. No point in advertising your deal and selling to the lowest market price - the cards will be gone before some people may have a chance to make a offer.

PS: I like the back story behind it, very interesting

Have 84.
I want to trade for Bertha 1:1.
Send me a secure trade if you want to trade.

Also accepting Dorian 0 exp/Yayoi 0 exp/Marina 0 exp + 5k for the whole lot.

I forgot to tell... if is necessary I will add clintz into deal to complete Bloodh price.

Done..please close or ignoresmiley

My Edd Cr + compliment for dalhias cr

For Kalindra I offer this deal:

- 30,000 clintz
- Spyke (full exp)
- Lady (0 exp)

Pm for faster response

Thanks Mods!!!


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