sunday 13/01/2013

I will trade for X-odus, Haze which is currently 87k together and a compliment of 100k OR a 0xp Cassio smiley Pm me for faster results smiley

The title saas it all, Im willing to pay a compliment, so just pm me and we can tallk business smiley

Gone :

1x Thaumaturge Cr
1x Edd Cr 0xp

136 different characters in 17 clans HAS A TON OF CARDS FOR A GOOD PRICE, YOU EVEN SEE TSUBAME, SAH BRINAK, CHIARA CR, AND MANY MANY OTHERS, please buy them soon, if this doesnt sell you can still offer, just pm me with your offer. To buy this selection costs 550k clintz smiley


I'd like to trade 100k and 2 annibal's for a caelus cr

pm me

All offers will be considered....... bump

Update: Saki 0xp lot gone, 12 hriger 0xp gone.

38 Hriger 0xp - 4,5k each
23 Saki fullxp - 8,7k each

Nathan value now is 860 I accept also cash

My general cr full+ Tessa cr full + 2 Jackie cr full for your du korr cr full
Trade will be done via SE
Thx modssmiley

100 Titsouks full. Valued at 65k.
200 Desmond 0 exp. Valued at 365k.

I'm looking for Leela 0 exp, Marina, Lizbeth, Ghumbo, Shakra, Hawk and clintz.

All transaction will be done in secure trade. If I write 0 exp, it must strictly be 0 exp because I have no need for full cards. If I didn't mention, it can be either 0 exp or full.

PM me for faster response. I'm not interested in any collectors; feel free to offer me other cards.

No longer looking for any clintz just looking for crs listed please thank you smiley

I want to trade my :

Karrion 0 xp 42K
Heegrn CR 0 xp 13K

vs Your Kenny Cr 0 xp (55K)
=> secure trade thx mod

I would like to take your 250 Sunder 0 xp i have all cards that u need, u have to contact me to negociate and then to go the trade if u are ok smiley

Any more offers? please keep in mind the amount of cards in the bulk and the amount of 0xp cards in the bulk as compared to the market, trades are of course negotiable, and i prefer cards over clintz as this is not a sale nor valued as such

and i forgot to thank the mods and FOs so thanks! smiley

saturday 12/01/2013

I forgot to list my Dregn 0xp smiley

by the way i sell Page Cr full xp for 85k

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