saturday 09/02/2013

Naele 0 xp + Hefty 0 xp vs your Lady 0 xp
2 Naele 0 xp vs your Lady 0 xp

sell it with a little discount(50-100k) or trade for other crs PREFERED marlysa cr+X but other playble crs are possible. Price is negociable.

friday 08/02/2013

My Graksmxxt full for your Haze and Yayoi or Haze and Spike.

Initiate a secure trade if you're interested.

Thanks mods.

I'm looking Madelone and Malicia to add my collection. I can trade Stompah, Shaakarti, Liu, El Gringo, and Zornado for them. PM me if you're interested.smiley

Salut, je vend mon dj korr cr full + marlysa cr full + 500.000 Clintz pour guru cr full/0 exp + lyse teria cr full/0 exp.

Merci a vous!

Title says it all.

Trading all my non Cr cards for Berzerk cards

Also willing to pay for Berzerks bulks.

A combination of both trade and ctz would be acceptable.

First Come First Serve.

Private Message me for faster response.

I sell my miss twice cr 0xp as mentioned above for 230k

Agree preferably cash smiley
But I can be interested also to other requests:
Yes cr and card on the 10k upward
no new blood.

Thanks mod and fo smiley

I would like to sell my cealus for 115k , not lower
pm me for a faster response
thanks in advance

Remain 40 carter 0 hp smiley

MP , MP , MP

I value each at 350 just throw 50 of your 0xp Quasichoco in secure trade and I will give u 18,000 clintz smiley

According to current minimum market prices I want 200k in cards or clintz as a complement, This complement is negotiable and it can change with evolution in market prices.

PM me if interested.

I sell 22 Hriger 0xp to 100.000 clintz total.

6 Kalindra 0xp to 500.000 clintz total.

thank you mod

I sell 25 thorpah 0xp to 300.000 clintz total.

thank you mod


I offer you Kenny Cr 0 xp (50K) + Selina 0 xp (3.5K) + 3500 clintz

i am looking for your Blaaster 0 xp smiley
I think it's a good deal for you !

Secure trade !
THX MoD smiley

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thursday 07/02/2013

Hello all, I am searching for Lyse Teria Cr or Guru Cr.

I offer for Guru Cr: 120 Marco 0xp, 14 Alec Cr 0xp, and Vickie Cr 0xp

For Lyse Teria Cr: 120 Marco 0xp, 14 Alec Cr 0xp, Vickie Cr 0xp. and 200k in cards

PM if interested, thank you

1 Cortez, 1 Smokey Cr, and 4 Rolph are gone.

Remaining cards left to trade/sell:
7 Cortez 0xp @ 73k/card
25 Elvis 0xp @ 11k/card
1 Smokey Cr 0xp @ 60k/card

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