thursday 07/02/2013

I trade my general 0xp for a general cr full xp + complement

I may accept other offers if they are good enough

wednesday 06/02/2013

Romana gone, Angelo gone.

Still need Greow and looking for a Shakra. smiley

Gone. thanks mods

Looking for vickie cr , lamar cr , kerozinn cr , splata cr , marlysa cr . I am open to all offers and willing to negotiate. Value of your cards is to be at the same standard as mine. Do not up your value and down mine. If yours is up than so is mine. Serious offers only

[BUY] Marco Cr = 35k

I have a skeelz deck i always ues and i think it is really strong, ill post the preset and message me for more info(etc price)smiley

Hi smiley
I'm looking for Manon CR and/or Scarlett CR!

I have:
Lamar CR
Kerozinn CR
Marlysa CR
Splata CR
Vickie CR
Tessa CR
2x Tanaereva CR (one 0xp)
3x Jackie CR (one 0xp)
500k Clintz
for a trade.

If you're interested pm me with an offer! smiley

Thanks smiley

Kiki cr + tessa cr

At least 1.2M in cards or clintz with the kiki cr.

As per topic. i am willing to buy KENNY CR

I watn to buy Tuck 2600~ 2800 smiley
Send masages for more info smiley

My heegrn cr for your taylor or elvis pm me for faster response

Squirtroll, dearie, i sold the thing for the full price stated above. Good luck getting sales, though.
I'll close the thread now.

Selling 120 Martha for 525 Clintz each on the market.

Thanks mods.

I value ea Fanny 0xp for 2k/pc...

Trading my kenny cr full plus 15k

Change me, general Cr 0XP, by General Cr full xp + Complement (Complement can be charted or Clintz)

Sorry,I don't want to sell any cards,I want to buy a cheap pre-made deck or two.

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