monday 10/12/2012

Naele and Dr Serena and Desmond out

And from other section Ashley, Saki out

Sorry, sold already

sunday 09/12/2012

Hello everyone,

I currently want Diyo Cr and Geuner Cr

Diyo i value at 93k and Geuner at 74k

I will pay pure clintz or some in bulk treeman oxp 900 each.
Thank you

Lizbeth gone

Kalindra + haken

This was supposed to go on the french forum...

@-- Cisco -- 600k + 820k + 300k + 50k = 1770k

Ok, I've done the deal.

Thank you mods, you can close this thread

Kenny Cr
Marco Cr
Alec Cr
Caelus Cr
Jane Ramba Cr
Tanaereva Cr
Veenyle Cr
Jackie Cr

Write PM please smiley


I sell 200 Nanook for 4,5k Clintz each.

Thanks Staff and a good UR @ all smiley

How much chiara s for my 5 dalhia 0xp?

Send me 16 Hriger for 4,7k and 6 milena for 0,3k

Just as an FYI increasing the prices may not bring in more people but less people

I am looking to trade my Tessa Cr. I value her at 820k and I want 820k in cr's for her (not negotiable)
Preferably cards like Kerozinn, Caelus, Blaaster etc.

Thanks for posting smiley

saturday 08/12/2012

This is very unclear. Make sure that what you are offering and what you are trading for are more spread out and readable.

Still Available smiley

Searching donation...

I offer 125 Tuck for 3600 per Card

I'm searching for
Spyke 30000 per Card
Lady (depends on the Markt Price)
Yayoi 33000 per Card
Uranus 35500 per Card

or 125 Tuck for 3450 cash!

If you think you have got another, better offer i'm open for it =)

send me a PM please!

best regards rup

I am interested in:
- Jackie Cr
- Vickie Cr
- cash
All offers to mail.

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