friday 07/12/2012

Mmmm no thx =)

for negociate please send me a pm, is better

The offer turned into auction. If interested, make an offer:

6 copies of Cortez
6 copies of Cortez
6 copies of Cortez

Since nobody else besides shanks is commenting ill make a small offer smiley

guru cr full
tanaereva cr 0xp
jackie cr 0xp
caelus cr 0xp
romana 0xp

3 lehane 0exp 4400 ea in private sale please

Hello , I trade my Vickie Cr vs Kerozinn Cr 0xp + X please contact me with PN or write your List what u can offer here.

Thanks , good Trade , thanks to Mods for openning,


Hi 2 all,
I'm looking for Prince Jr , Avola and Mona for these cards:
-Mini Mund
-Acid DC

I have a tessa cr (830k)

and I am interested in:

- cash
- Jackie Cr
- Vickie Cr
- Dragan Cr
- Caelus Cr
- Dalhia

Send me pm to negociate smiley

I offer you :

115k Clintz, Edd Cr, Mona + Compliment for your Jackie Cr

My Compliment could be :

0 xp Milenas, cards that are worth 4k . smiley

~ --AMON-- smiley

I have vickie cr 650k

Title says it all trading 53 copys of Tino for a Charlie or Graksmxxt or equal value.

Mods close the sale because the title its not clear

I will remake the sale

Like the title says, i want 10 blaaster cr, doesn't matter what xp. 0xp will be considered full.

negotiable smiley

Done deal please close or disregard thanks


Rass Cr full (890k)

I am interested in:

Tessa Cr (830k)
Tanaereva cr (280k)
Jackie Cr( 195k)

I'm looking to buy Milena lots, I value them at 285 clintz:

700 Tollivers, 690 0xp valued at 225 apiece

Emeth, full, 27.5k

Gatline, full, 4k

Thormund, 1.9k

Hawkins, 14k

Raeth, 10.5k

Selma, 17.5k

Only interested in Milena.

Hi, i am looking for jay 0 exp i believe a unit has up to 20 18k/tt.
for larger batches jay 0 exp i think 19k/tt see a lot more according to me will be proposed. i am available in mp so do not hesitate.

thank you for let me post the moderator please.

Dregn 0 xp for your full + 4k?

thursday 06/12/2012

Darken Baruk Jackie's are actually valued on the market as 195k for full and the same by many of us collectors. Your deal is solid smiley jut play the waiting game and i am sure you will find what you are looking for.

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