tuesday 08/01/2013

50 jean for them both(negotiable)
thnx to all

Please contact me or offer cards here


thanks mod!

No bulks please.

Hi, I want to sell Dj Korr Cr for 10M in cash +1M in cards


Have only Aurora left for trade smiley

monday 07/01/2013

Who buy it whitin 20 hours will have a little discount smiley

From the cards you listed I have a 0xp Kolos and a 0xp GraksmxxT. Is there anything else you are interested in?

Hey how many clover's you got? i got 2 Jackies for trade 1 0xp

Sigmund Cr 0xp is gone
1 Edd Cr 0xp is gone

As title says I want trade my :

3x Edd Cr 0xp
2x Thaumaturge Cr
1x Diyo Cr 0xp
Kerozinn Cr

Basically if you sell them to him in a bulk, he'll buy them for an higher price and theres more than 20 of the card your offering smiley

otherwise i dont know what you dont get xD

I want to exchange nellie for herman

Even trade ,5 nellie for 5 herman. With additonal clintz if required.

Selling my 0xp Armanda Cr for 800,000 clintz or usable cr NO BULK. Secure trade preferred. Pm me for response.
Thanks mods

Got a lot of the cards i wanted. Now looking for All bangers (except crs) most sakhronom (except Stella, Uranus, SkrumxxT) bulk leela, bulk thorpah, bulk Hriger. Thanks PM with offers

Still available...

sunday 06/01/2013

Hi! I would like to sell or trade my 50 Thorpah (0xp). I value the lot at current market minimum (13000 each; 650000 total). Below is a list of the cards I would accept for a trade (including their current market minimum). Of course, in most cases, we will need to make the trade even using clintz. I currently have 359486 clintz.

List of acceptable cards:

Lamar Cr (540000)
Sigmund Cr (568000)
Tessa Cr (749999)
Flavio Cr (770000)
Ndololo Cr (799999)
Aldebaran Cr (810000)
Berserkgirl Cr (900000)
Armanda Cr (900000)
Rass Cr (937037)
Dragan Cr (950000)

I will update the values on this thread if there are any significant changes. Feel free to PM or post here.


I wanted 150 total and already had a few. That is the highest number of the same card you can sell or auction all at once. Now, I just need 99 more.

Got what I want thanks everyone smiley
Closing, but if anyone has a lizbeth they wanna trade for 0xp spyke plus any cards listed pm me

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