wednesday 05/12/2012

I feel as though this guy never follows the rules... I have told him multiple times already about naming the prices and place the card names of what he wants on other threads already... it would help if he actually listened so that these comments above do not come up again

Seldnor Cr sold for 95k !

2 kenny cr 0xp + toro+c beast

2 dalhia

I want
1) caelus cr full
2)jackie cr full

My Splata Cr 0xp vs Skullface Cr + Melissa Cr

Im looking for a 30K complement pm me for faster responce

275 Each head for Bulk Minimum 25 pcs

230 For 1 Pc Ector

Please Sell Him to Me If you Don't use him

Thanks Mods

My kolos and glorg + 5k for your 2 chiara

I now have Kolos, and I'm adding Lin Xia to the list of cards I'm looking to trade 0xp for full + compliments.

Anyone have elya cr, vickie cr or splata cr to trade for my bulks and blaaster?!

Interested in bloodh full??

Almost halfway! Need 41 more!

Since this is going nowhere, I'll close it and jinxii will do a new thread in the correct manner smiley

You are right. Sorry. smiley

tuesday 04/12/2012

I value Dragan Cr at 1.1m.

I am looking for Berzerk.

Cortez (77k)
Spyke (29k)
Elvis (13k)
Taylor (12.5k)
Lizzy (3.4k)
Beef (5.7k)

I am also looking for other cr's or cards above 10k.

All offers will be looked at and we can negotiate smiley


I wish to sell my caelus cr for 178k or for cards equal to that amount

message me for a much faster responce

and i am willing to drop the price

These threads with cr cards for trade before they were on the market used to be shut downsmileysmiley

Yoda_LoA here. RaW is correct. Threads like this are not to be up until these cards are back on the market.

edited by Yoda_LoA tuesday 04/12/2012, 15:37

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