tuesday 04/12/2012

It's actually a decent enough deal considering they are 0xp. The problem is just the sheer volume of cards you are trying to sell.


monday 03/12/2012

@0 ComeAtMe : Right smiley

> > Hi all
> >
> > sell or exchange my Guru Cr
> >
> > I want a minimum of 2M clintz. 9M300k in lots or CR
> >
> > Looking for these collectors...
> >
> > Jackie Cr (Max 20)
> > Caelus Cr (Max 20)
> > Kenny Cr (Max 25)
> > Vickie Cr (Max 6)
> > Lamar Cr (Max 6)
> > Tessa Cr (Max 1)
> > kerozin Cr (Max 5)
> > Tanaereva Cr (Max 10)
> > Blaaster Cr (Max 20)
> > Marlysa Cr (Max 1)
> > Elya Cr (Max 1)
> >
> > Make me an offer. Surprise me. Priorities go to those cards

Hi Everyone smiley

I am looking for a Guru Cr and a General Cr ....any xp will be fine smiley

I can offer your choice of DJ Korr Cr 0xp plus a complement of about 7M in smaller Cr's or Kiki Cr 0xp plus a complement of about 9M in smaller Cr's smiley

This is a fairly straightforward offer and is non-negotiable smiley

Please PM me for faster reply's or post here if you are interested smiley

As Always Thanks Mods for Posting smiley

Hi guys,

I'm looking for a full Kerozinn cr to trade.

I have Blaaster cr full, Caelus cr full, 27 Wolfgang and cash

Trade negociable.

Ty smiley

Trade for Kerozinn Cr

5x Cortez 0xp = 400k
1x Shaakarti full = 30k
10x Eddie = 10k

Send me a PM with offers smiley

Updating price:
Lot 1: 450c/each
Lot 2: 3.5k/0xp - 2.5k/full xp
Lot 3: 7.5k/0xp - 7k/full xp
Lot 4: sold
Lot 5: 85k

accept cash, cr the above listed and cards worth more than 30k

ty mod!!

Ok..... here is the updated list of available cards for sale/trade smiley

DJ Korr Cr 0xp (16.5M)
Kiki Cr 0xp (15M)
10 Geuner Cr 0xp (95k each)
100 Heegrn Cr 0xp (15k each)
50 Haaken 0xp (6.5k each)
15 Chikko Cr (11.5k each)
10 Taylor 0xp (14k each)

Lamar cr was negotiated

I still have 2x Armanda Cr 0xp

Still looking.
also i have 39 0xp borss and 61 0xp redra these lots i will trade together for a kenny crsmiley

Hello everybody,

I offer 2 Shifou 0EXP for 1 Thorpah, if someone is interessed in just start Secure Trade =)

Thanks Staff and a good UR to allsmiley

I sells 400 Anakrohm oxp for clintz 600 000 echange to reassure(secure)!

Change of Price smiley
Harvey 1200 ea 0exp
Hilly billy 1090 ea smiley

@Artemsis Sors, my bad


Hi all!

I'd like to trade my 0xp Sum sam cr, for a full (sized) Sum sam cr + complement.

Everything is accepted, but chocolate.
Remind that It could be The Perfect Christmas Present to a friend or a co-guildian!!

Hope having fun.


Lamar Cr 0xp for 700k accepted?

I value Selysa cr 0xp at 255k

trade for 85 baby Q

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