thursday 31/01/2013

10 caelus cr 0exp

I am looking to trade 2 x kenny cr for 1 blaaster cr.

I am looking to do this as many times as possible.

Please PM me with Offer / negotiations.


I would like to trade my Marco Cr 0 xp (42K) + Heegrn Cr 0 xp (10k) vs Your Dahia Cr 0 xp (52K)
I can add something if you like my offer smiley

Open the secure trade and put your Dahia Cr 0 xp then, negociate to me !

Kenny Cr 0 xp + Selina 0 xp + Lovhak 0 xp vs Your Dahia Cr 0 xp smiley

wednesday 30/01/2013

Im looking to trade my 0xp alec, valued at 145k for three 0xp copper.

Pm me to work something out, if interested.


2 Full Qubik Left!
5 Level 2!
and Veenyle Cr Still up for grabs!

Private exchange me ASAP.

You BL me because i have reason, good choice kid smiley


My 3 marco cr 0xp + 6 sammy 0xp for your jackie cr

I would like to exchange your jackie cr for my cards and a complement
i can offer you:

Karrion full (36k)
GraksmxxT full (55k)
Ghumbo full (20k)
Lady full (16k)

we have a total of 127k in cards and a complement of 16k
if you're interested send me secure trade

tuesday 29/01/2013

The vickie and blaaster were exchanged.

I have to sell or trade

210 Lil Jey 0xp 150/each
210 Gran vista 0xp 150/each
210 bill 0xp 150/each
210 mok 0xp 430/each
100 Ashiko 0xp 350/each

Cards in 2* 0xp

140 Erzsebet 210/each
120 Daussone 260/each
120 endo 210 /each

and others lots 3 stars in second level for 210 each.

propose for MP, thx and good game for all!

I have Numar and I want X-0DUS and I will add 3K on top of the Numar

Trade finished, thanks.

Selling thanks all

Hello I'm looking for gertrud 0 exp buy a 3k, to put directly into my vp.

thank you to the moderator who will validate. smiley

Cards i have to trade

10 x veenyle cr
3 x kenny cr
8 x blaaster cr
9 x edd cr

Please PM me ASAP

I will sell Tessa CR for 580 000.

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