monday 28/01/2013

Traded thank all

Robb cr
Dalhia cr
Marco cr
Smokey cr
For your
Tanaevera cr

The market price ... I do not accept batches of more than 10 units per character and not accept the 0XP ...

negotiations in private message
I thank the staffsmiley

Close this thread tnx

I have general pm for negotiations smiley

Yeah should be in italian and he didnt even post up the price

sunday 27/01/2013

I have some big name CR's like Jackie, Caelus, Tanaereva. Make your offer ^.^

My alec cr(140-150k) + marco cr(40-45k) for your tanaereva cr (185-200k)
I can add some more cards or clintz upto 10k according to market fluctuation.

Only PM . Post here for other offers.

Kiki cr 0xp

I need/ buy
-210 Kobalth 0 xp
-165 C Blade 0 xp
-85 Cyb Lhia 0 xp

[1] Kobalth 0 xp:
-750 clintz head cash (private sell)
-850 clintz vs cards 0 xp (secure trade)

[2] C Blade 0 xp:
-750 clintz head cash (private sell)
-850 clintz vs cards 0 xp (secure trade)

[3] Cyb Lhia 0 xp
-2900 clintz head cash (private sell)
-3200 clintz vs cards 0 xp (secure trade)

I offer (secure trade)
-10 Kenny Cr 0 xp (520k)
10 Jane Ramba Cr full xp (400k)
-15 Spyke 0 xp (450k)
-20 Sah Brinak 0 xp (430k)
-100 Selina 0 xp (400k)
-10 Marco Cr 0 xp(450k)

Thx in advance mod

Sell her for 650k OR
Trade for 700k in cards. Interested in all non-cr cards above 20k and crs
Jackie cr 140/142k
Tanaereva cr (200/205k)
Vickie cr (450/460k)
Lamar cr (430/440k)
Prices are negotiable.

Hello, As it says on the title, i'm selling 150 Dallas 0xp

I sell them Only for 2.700 Clintz each! see the market, very low price smiley

I'm interested in Cash / Graks 0xp / Uranus 0xp / Zatman 0xp Whatever, make your offer i'l apreciate it smiley

Trade will be made by SECURE TRADE smiley Offers in PM please smiley

Thanks smiley

Iphone auto spell
what i ment to say is this is a hard set to find, a large amount of 0xp

I have the following for trade
2 (0xp) Jackie Cr for full + 10k each
1 (Lv 3 0xp) Jackie Cr for full + 5k
2 (0xp) Tanaereva Cr for full + 20k each

Total is 65k but if you trade for all, I will take 5k off smiley so then you would only need to pay 60k

For the comp, I accept the following:
Heitachi (only need 1)
Maurice (only need 1)
Yoshida (only need 1)
Lady (only need 1)
0xp Robb Cr - 50k
0xp Kolos - 50k

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