monday 03/12/2012

Lamar cr was negotiated

I still have 2x Armanda Cr 0xp

Still looking.
also i have 39 0xp borss and 61 0xp redra these lots i will trade together for a kenny crsmiley

Hello everybody,

I offer 2 Shifou 0EXP for 1 Thorpah, if someone is interessed in just start Secure Trade =)

Thanks Staff and a good UR to allsmiley

I sells 400 Anakrohm oxp for clintz 600 000 echange to reassure(secure)!

Change of Price smiley
Harvey 1200 ea 0exp
Hilly billy 1090 ea smiley

@Artemsis Sors, my bad


Hi all!

I'd like to trade my 0xp Sum sam cr, for a full (sized) Sum sam cr + complement.

Everything is accepted, but chocolate.
Remind that It could be The Perfect Christmas Present to a friend or a co-guildian!!

Hope having fun.


Lamar Cr 0xp for 700k accepted?

I value Selysa cr 0xp at 255k

trade for 85 baby Q

Lot 1:
Flavio Cr 0exp
PDD: 1000k

Caelus Cr (180k/190k)
Jackie Cr (200k/215k)
Kenny Cr - 80к
Blaaster Cr - 130к

I sell some lots of my cards:

- 200 Mok full --------> 400/tete
- 321 Bertha full -----> 350/tete
- 238 Bertha 0xp ----> 375/tete
- 1000 Jose Star 0xp ---> 600/tete
- 452 Milena full -----> 350/tete
- 155 Milena lvl 2 ---> 360/tete
- 520 Milena 0xp ----> 400/tete
- 12 Ellie full ---> 300/tete
- 1218 Ellie 0xp ---> 375/tete
- 1845 Natrang full ---> 325/tete
- 98 Natrang lvl 2 ---> 350/tete
- 587 Natrang 0xp ----> 400/tete

All cards in VP. Lots DIVISIBLES

no i offer Kenny Cr 80k + Kolos 55k + Zatman 28k + Dorian 27k and you give me caelus and 8k. but im lowering that to 4k so i give you Kenny Cr 80k + Kolos 55k + Zatman 28k + Dorian 27k and you give me caelus cr and 4k

update caeleus is now 185k i can add clintz to even things out.

I am also looking for Kolos at 50k each

sunday 02/12/2012

I can give you dragan full.. Contact me for Pm. smiley

Trading Alec Cr full and Steve full for any xp Caelus Cr

If they are 0 exp i offer 2 caelus 0 exp + 25k cash

For lot 1 6 0 exp caelus cr
for lot 3 1 0 exp caelus cr and you add 30k cash

Sold out. close thanks


this thread can be closed

thanks mod's

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