saturday 01/12/2012

Trade Armanda Cr 0xp + Tanaereva Cr for Marlysa Cr

Closed please ... thanks smiley

Hello friends i want to trade my coby (25-30 market price) for Sprinters in secure exchange!

If u are interested contact me in this forum or pm!

Thanks Mod & Fo! smiley

Other cards i will consider in trades include
treeman, redra, chiara, jay, aylen, danae, kawamashi, beef, norman

Hit me with a reasonable offer, perhaps at least a maximum of 40k clints.

Thanks and people remember all prices are negotiable

Sorry about that. Looking at it now it's obviously a trade.

Add Miss Lizbeth to the list at 0xp (of available cards to trade)

34 lehane full + 3 at 0xp

Also interested in Lilou lots, like I said feel free to shoot me offers for other cards.

friday 30/11/2012

NDololo Cr 0xp

exchanged for :
Flavio Cr Full
Jane Ramba Cr full
Emeth full
Melvin full
Page Cr full
Terry Cr full
Heegrn Cr full
Ray full
Amiral Py Cr full
+20K clintz

now I can close the subject smiley

Thanks MOD's smiley

No longer need nahema

Vickie cr accepted?

Negociable complement

Thank you all now i am looking to trade my 0xp for full+ compliment

Deal done

Lol why does this guy agordion answer something that hasnt been answered since 20/04 smiley

I buy all your treeman 0exp for 900 clintz/one if they are 10 and 25 I pay 1050 clintz! sell they in my pv smiley

I'm trading my Dregn, mainly looking for GraksmxxT. Offer me in PM.

Splata Cr has now gone

Can offer 750k in cash now tho

How much is declared as a lot? 5+, 10+, 50+?

Best of luck smiley

Looking for Vickie Cr Price 635k

Trading Her for Kerozinn Cr 0exp and cards smiley

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