tuesday 01/01/2013

I value a virgin Hax for 22k. So I want a full Hax from your collection and 2k in advance.

Thanks, people who approve these things and have to be mentionedsmiley

Hi! I would like to trade my:

> Dalhia Cr 0exp (75k)
> Chiara Cr 0exp (25k)

For your:

> Kreen Cr (any exp - 58k)
> Sylth (any exp - 34k)
> Nyema (any exp - 5k)

PM for any negotiations or fluctuations in the market! Thanks Mods smiley

Regards Psychronic smiley

79 Yoshida 0xp ?

Just like the title says I am looking to trade for no more than 10 Lady (0 exp or full), and here is what I have to offer:

- 4 Saki (0 exp)
- 2 Beef (0 exp)
- 2 Elvis (0 exp)
- 1 Spyke (full)
- 1 Thorpah (0 exp)
- 2 Uchtul (0 exp)
- 3 Kazayan (0 exp)
- 2 Naele (0 exp)

I have other cards and you can check this link http://www.urban-rivals.com/en/community/forum/?mode=viewsubject&forum_page=0&id_subject=2250559&subject_page=0#answers out to see the other cards. I might also have more, just ask, and also use market value to get a value for all the cards. Thx mods.

Looking for a kenny cr or a kolos please pm me

monday 31/12/2012

Buying all 0xp thorpah for 12.5k clintz ea

put them into my private sale smiley7

thx mods

All values are done at current time of post. I an ONLY looking for blaaster cr smiley

Marco cr valued at 50k (0 exp at 52k)
Blaaster cr valued at 95k (0 exp at 98k)

I have 8 marco crs at full (2 at 0 exp).

My 2 Marco crs for your 1 blaaster + additional clintz .

The addition clintz can change depending on if Marco or Blaaster is 0 exp or not.

Pm me or secure trade me if we have a deal.

Thanks Moderators.smiley

I sent 3 pm to this player. He doesn't answer, and he doesn't send me karrion.
This is not the way of doing business.
I won't trade with him again.

55 yoshida 0xp for 1 copie

I will add clintz to my offer according to market fluctuation.

Therefore offer is negotiable.

Sorry for not making it clear. Im just looking for cards now. They don't have to be full clans or anything, just non bulk and no crs smiley. Yea so just have your offers amount close to Jackies. Thanks.

Dj korr cr full xp

Please close. Done deal

Looking to acquire all Frozn, just name the cards you're interested in.

May trade a big-name card like Caelus Cr or Jackie Cr for a load of Frozn.

Still looking willing to lower the prices

5 splata cr 0xp
5 lamar cr 0xp
10 blaaster cr 0xp
10 jackie cr 0xp

u value

and tell me please u value for u cards u want

Mods please close smiley

sunday 30/12/2012

700 when I checked smiley

Hi everyone. I am looking for bulks of thorpah. I have for trade and 26k cash =) thanks.
Jackie Cr Full xp x3
Jackie Cr 0xp
Those are all of the cards i have for trade. PM me with offers. Looking mainly only for Thorpah. Thanks smileysmileysmiley

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