thursday 24/01/2013

Still selling smiley

2 Thorpah 0xp -11k each
3 Thorpah fullxp - 10.5k each
6 Hriger full xp - 4.2k each
4 Clover full xp - 8.5k each
4 Lena 0 xp - 1.7k each
10 Sunder full xp - 500 clintz each
100 sunder 0 xp - 600 clintz each

please either buy it or trade for Jackie CR or Caelus CR


Thank you mod e fosmiley

Still available!

Write the exact price you want to sell your cards. You’ll be able to negotiate later on.
A sale is not an exchange nor an auction, the buyer has to be able to buy it at the price written in the subject.

I am willing to negotiate! PM or post here smiley

I'll trade lizbeth for Dregn. If this is not agreeable i might add a few thousand clintz. PM me. Thanks

If interested, i am willing to return card smiley

PM me asap~

u get a free kiss from me~ smileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmiley

wednesday 23/01/2013

No resellers/merchers plz, im actually gunna use him.

3* - Thomy, Eugene, Meluzine, Yu Mei, Oryon, Pulsar, Natrang, Otome, Tatane, Noon Steevens, Ellie, Thomy...
4* - Candy Jack, Zlatar, Tshern, Magenta, Sai San, Igor, Tsuka, Fizzle, Ninja Nyne, Shirley...
5* - Fifty, Melinda, Daqun, Leela, Phonos, timber, Vansaar...

and more....
conntact me, I will do it and then we can do trade smiley

I sell my multiple cards

1 Dagg 0 xp 33.800

7 Thorpah 0 xp 12.000 each

1 Sah brinak 18.000

50 treeman 0xp 650 each

1 Wardom 15.200

3 Noodile Cr 15.240 each

3 Lady 0xp 23.000 each

3 Ebiza 0xp 7.800 each

1 SkrumxxT 0xp 8.430

Cards that i'm looking are :
Jackie Cr 150k
Caelus Cr 115k
Kalindra 75k
Tsubame 70k
Cortez 69k
Blaster Cr 90k
Alec Cr 125k

Thanks mods.

Not interested. In fact I am closing this old subject smiley

I have to change:

Jessie 0xp
Beef 0xp
Kawamashi 0xp
Kati 0xp
Kuei 0xp
Nakata full
Rei full
Boris full
Igor full
Mikaal full
Fanny full
Eddie full
Benicio 0xp
Greow 0xp
2 Hystrix 0xp
Jalil full
Estalt 0xp
Oshitsune 0xp
2 Clover 0xp
Emma 0xp
Louise 0xp
Lena 0xp
Owen 0xp
Palmer 0xp
Dave full
299 Luis


leela full

thanks moderators

That's right folks, 1:1

If you can throw in something extra that would be great. PM me if interested.

Still looking, as I said we can negotiate.

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