wednesday 28/11/2012

You already have a thread on this opened...
there is no need for another

Your old thread that isnt really old at all:

tuesday 27/11/2012

Pm if interested...

Got full clans for all apart from following:

Junkz - DJK, Berzerkgirl cr, Romana

Pirannas - amiral coco, miss lizbeth, Smokey cr.

Bangers - Sum Sam cr

I do own a rhed cr, however she is a 0xp and therefore would be looking for market value on it.

If you're interested just pm me and we can work from there on it, quite happy to include cards like blaaster cr / dahlia / gil etc so don't worry I'll try and do it with low end cards

Cheers, good luck and thanks in advance mods/FOs

I'll give you Romana for Kenny Cr or Rob Cr.

I trade my tanaereva cr 0xp x you cr or cards rare or ......

interesed for caelus cr
blaaster cr
marco cr

Buying Bulks of Sakrohms, preferably;
Murray, around 1,750 each
Wakai, around 1,070 each
Jautya, around 3,299 each
Anakrohm. around 1,249 each

Other cards and offers? Pm me and post here.
Thank you very much mods =))

Good luck Cyber!

That is probably how MadLampy negotiate with people. smiley

Can do 12200 clintz plus 0 xp arcibald

Kenny Cr (93k each)

I look for:
- Cash
- Cards 0xp ( More than 3k each)

Thanks Mod´s !

monday 26/11/2012

This really did seem like an auction though... i think you might need to look the definition of auction up

Vickie currently valued 667k, Lamar valued about 725k, need to add more compliment and im sure you'll find a deal smiley

I make a mistake xd

- 52 Harvey 0xp - one is 3* 0xp and other 2* 0xp ( 1350 each)
- 128 miho full ( 650 each)

Send private mensage to negociate smiley

450 Norman + 50k

175 Norman Full .

Hello everyone I offer this in exchange
graks 0XP vs3 Sah Brinak 0XP (feasible exchange 70 times)
here is n not hesitate mp
the exchange that will exchange via securiser
thank you to modo validate the announcement

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