tuesday 20/11/2012

Im looking for jackie cr
im looking to but her for 185k in straight clintz if anyone would be so kind i would prefer private sales.

if anyone is kind enough to let me have on for 185k pm me and i will buy it as soon as i can.

* for GraksmxxT (0 exp) and Blaaster Cr (full)

Interessed: tanaereva cr tessa cr vickie cr caelus cr

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Still offering thisd deal smiley

Can i used my charlie to trade for both of that? its price is on the rise.

I am exchanging my charlie for x-odus

I sell/trade my lot of 340 wyre, all 0xp



i found this cr: Caelus Cr, Robb Cr, Smokey Cr, Jackie Cr, Blaaster Cr, Alec Cr, and cash
if u pay in cash the price is 180k

ty mod's

monday 19/11/2012

I'm selling or trading my elya cr full, valued 700k. I may accept only this possibilities:

1) only cash (690 k)
2) playable cr's with price over 100 k and at alest 40% of the total value cash.

Pm me for more infos.

Thanks mod's and fo's smiley

My Lamar Cr + Blaaster + Complement for Tessa Cr

complement acording to the market

I have tessa cr x you kerozz +`complement

Thanks for the offer final-doom i value it at about 15M bit low

smiley got pushed to 16M still takeing offers smiley general cr and guru cr are both wanted so offers with either would do

Looking for a combination of clintz more than 1m + CR cards.

Thanks Red Rob. SOLD. smiley



Okay, thanks

I value my Rass Cr at 1M smiley

Change of price:

zatman (30k)
charlie (70k)
graksmxxt (61k)
ongh (60k)
copper (47k)

i'll add bulk 0 exp oshitsune and bulk 0 exp yoshida up for trade.

I want to sell her for 3M or trade it for several cr.
cr as:
jackie cr full: 199K
// cr 0exp: 214M

caelus cr full: 177K
Caelus cr 0exp: 187K

Blaster cr full: 130K
Blaster cr 0exp: 140K

Robb cr full: 80K
Robb cr 0exp: 90K

vickie cr full: 670K

tanaevera cr full: 300K
tanaevera cr 0exp: 306K

alec cr full: 170K
alec cr 0exp: 180K

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