friday 16/11/2012

I'm selling for 10 clintz above minimum price, 240 clintz, but keep in mind only the lowest 20 are below 240. I can also trade them if I get a good offer. For all 53 Craho it will be 12720.

40 oxen 0xp for blaaster cr???

Sold this thread can be deleted smiley

Wee lee + sigma + rubie + 8k

I sell or trade Flavio cr full at 1 100 000 treatable !!

I trade for cr cards or any card with a higher price 10000 ... for the right price smiley

thanks moderators and forum

Correction 15M with guru cr and pure clintz

for all clintz we can negotiate some smiley

So 6000 each?
you need to state the price of each one
also please read this
before you start another thread smiley

I accept clintz and cards send me your offers.

Buy Eugene for 230 head send them in my private sales

Various or playables, sorry for the mistake smiley

3 Kenny full xp changed into 4 graksmxxt, 3 0xp 1full xp and Lin xia 0xp smiley

I want to sale or trade my Sigmund Cr 0xp
I value him : 800k clintz

I'm looking for :
- cash
- Lamar Cr full (700k)
- Elya Cr full (630k)
- Splata Cr full (620k)
- Kerozinn Cr full (480k)
- Miss Twice Cr full (340k)
- Tanaereva Cr (330k 0xp / 300k full)
- Jackie Cr (215k 0xp / 205k full)
- Vickie Cr (680k full / 710k 0xp)
- Selsya Cr full (250k) max 2
- Skullface Cr full (220k) max 2
- Thaumaturge Cr (190k) max 2
- Caelus Cr full (190k)
- Alec Cr full (180k) max 2
- Robb Cr full (80k) max 5
- Kenny Cr full (80k) max 5
- Smokey Cr full (70k) max 5
- Lizbeth (37k) max 5
- Noodile Cr (21k) max 5
- Thorpah (11k) max 5

Price can be negociated in MP


Id probably pay 82k per card, but he is overstated atm , but thats my fauly for buying to many ant one time!

And I forgot t tell that all of them are fully trained smiley smiley

How much is Moses worth to you and how many Spudd 's do you have?

Trade done. smiley

@ZacharyThomas, if you're smart enough, you won't say that. Watch the price in a few days time.

thursday 15/11/2012

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