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tuesday 10/11

50 mil for tanman now, pm me for offers

I value Manon in 700M and Scarlett in 1000M. I prefer 0 exp.

My cards are::

x 1 Alec MT full x 45M
x 1 Alec MT 0 exp x 45M
x 1 Armanda MT full x 28M
x1 Cannibal Jo MT full x 130M
x 1 Dounia MT full x 43 M
x 1 Dragan MT 0 exp x 113M
x 2 Dregn MT full x 25M/u
x 1 Karozinn MT full x 68M
x 2 Pericles MT full x 25M/u
x 1 Tanaereva MT full x 47M
x 1 Ymirah MT full x 60M
x 1 Smokey MT full x 43M
2 x Caelus Cr full x 15M/u
1 x Bmappe Cr 0 exp x 20M
1 x Behemoth Cr full x 10M
3 x Copper Cr full x 6.7M/u
5 x Cortez Cr full x 33M/u
1 x Dj Korr Cr 0 exp x 105M
1 x Guru Cr full x 47M
1 x Elya Cr 0 exp x 7.4M
2 x Gil Cr full x 7.5M/u
1 x Jackie Cr full x 19.5M
2 x Jim Cr full x 4.5M/u
1 x Kalindra Cr full x 11.5/u
1 x Lady Ametia Cr full x 29M
2 x Lamar Cr full x 15M/u
1 x Kolos Cr full x 14M
1 x Lao Cr 0 exp x 6M
1 x Marshall Cr full x 13M
2 x Marshall Cr 0 exp x 13.3M/u
2 x Marco Cr full x 5.4M/u
2 x Maana Cercei Cr full x 15M/u
1 x Marlysa Cr full x 15.5M
1 x Quetzal Cr 0 exp x 14.5M
1 x Ombre Cr full x 7.5M
2 x Noctezuma Cr full x 10.8M/u
1 x Merweiss Cr full x 20.7M
3 x Maximus Cr full x 6.8M/u
1 x Mechakolos Cr full x 12.5M
1 x Splata Cr full x 18M
1 x Sum Sam Cr full x 19M
2 x Tessa Cr full x 18M/u
2 x Zatman Cr ful x 6M/u
2 x Zatman Cr 0 exp x 5.8M/u
2 x Vickie Cr full x 14M/u
1 x Volkan Cr full x 38.5M

I also have several Mts and Crs available, So ask for them.

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Not buying them anymore, mission is gone

Obviously if Kate's price goes down it will be taken into account and the cards I am looking for can be full xp in some case, everything is negotiable smiley

I have the following cards to trade:

1 Scarlett Mt -0xp 1100M
1 Manon Mt -0xp 720M
1# Lyse Teria Mt -Full 120M
1 Dragan Mt -Full 113M
4 Ymirah Mt - 1 Full, 4 0xp, 60M c/u
6 Lizbeth Mt - 0xp 35M c/u
2 GraksmxxT Mt -0xp 20.5M c/u
1 Pericles Mt -0xp 25M
1 Dregn Mt -0xp 26M
1 Lady Ametia Cr -0xp 29M
1 Marlysa Cr -0xp 15M
3 Caelus Cr - 0xp 15.5M c/u
4 Behemoth Cr -0xp 10M c/u
4 Mechakolos Cr -0xp 12M c/u
1 Miss Twice Cr -0xp 8.5M
2 Gil Cr - 0xp 7M c/u
4 Ombre Cr -0xp 7.5M c/u
2 NDololo Cr -0xp 6.5M c/u
3 Nahi Cr -0xp 5.5M c/u
2 Marco Cr -0xp 5.6M c/u
1 Lao Cr -0xp 5M
1 Berserkgirl Cr -0xp 7M
1 Mona Cr -0xp 5M
2 Dalhia Cr -0xp 3.8M c/u
1 Rass Cr -0xp 5M
2 Thaumaturge Cr -0xp 4.5M c/u
1 A Award Cr -0xp 3M
3 Romana Cr -0xp 3.8M
1 Beltran Cr -0xp 2.7M
1 Seldnor Cr -0xp 3.5M
1 Dwain Cr -0xp 3.3M
1 Page Cr -0xp 3M
2 Selsya Cr -0xp 3.7M c/u
1 Beeboy Cr -0xp 3.3M
2 Shakra Cr -0xp 2.9M c/u
5 Veenyle Cr -0xp 2M c/u
4 Toro Cr -0xp 2.3M c/u
1 Skullface Cr -0xp 3M
2 Geuner Cr -0xp 2.5M c/u
1 Diyo Cr -0xp 3M
1 Striker Cr -0xp 2.8M
1 Yayoi Cr -0xp 2.4M
2 Melissa Cr -0xp 2.8M c/u

Im looking for the next cards, any xp
28 Death Adder - 13M c/u
17 Serafina - 10M c/u
28 Enigma - 21M c/u
74 M2 Sansot - 3.3M c/u
74 Rhizom Noel - 210k c/u
56 Ataoualpet -180K c/u

Looking for Vixen Cr and you add smiley

Bro if you want to sell shann send it over

As title says,
straight trade and cj can be any exp
Cannibal Jo Mt
Lyse Teria Mt

i am pretty much out of stock smiley still offering:

looking for:
Kenny/Alec (i add clintz)
Shann + Dregn/Armanda (or som combination with clintz)


Just checking is anyone has a spare Cannibal Jo Mt to trade it with my Dragan Mt + whatever difference in cash or other Cr.

Pm if interested. Thanks

Finished and closed

Trading my Scarlett MT for 800MIL clintz + general MT. PM ME

Closing this thread thank you

Your 5 CARMINE for my ENIGMA 0XP + 2M difference in cash.
Pm me offers. Offer negotiable.
Offer valid until end of BM.

I offer the following cards for your Scarlett Mt

General Mt
Lyse Teria Mt
Ratanah Mt 2x
Tanaereva Mt
Spiaghi Mt
DJ Korr Cr 2x 0exp and 4*
Sum Sam Cr 0exp
#Cortez Cr 3x 0exp
Ombre Cr 0exp
Behemoth Cr

We can proceed with the trade as soon as #Cortez Cr is back on the market. Thank you.

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