thursday 26/07/2012

5 star Lost Hog for only 3650

Well, last chance, If I haven't received any good offer tomorrow, I will close the thread, so make your offers smiley

Add a full xp jackie cr to my cr's for trade smiley

Bump. Anyone interested?

Looking to trade my Shaakarti (0xp) and 1000 clintz for your Spyke and Oraya (any xp)

Please PM with offers for a quicker response

Also looking to trade for:


Close plz

thanks mods smiley

I want ROBB CR I will trade Kalindra-lets plz make this fast-just secure trade me

I don't know a good compliment for this card, but maybe close to 100k would be fine, in cr's, cards or clintz.


Still search
pm me with offers

For my kerozinn 0xp i accept only this offer: kerozinn full + 10 k

Upppppp still everything available smiley smiley

Numar + leviatonn + katan x robb cr

Still going just pm me

Midnight tonight, closin up. Buy a card

10 herman for 42k?

Hello smiley

I want trade my Lyse teria cr 0xp smiley vs Lyse Teria cr + a complement

we can negotiate the price of the complement in private, so contact me smiley

Thank you staff smiley

Ive got a dregn what will u offer

wednesday 25/07/2012

Lao is gone!

Can be closed. Thanks smiley

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