tuesday 28/08/2012

Got kalindra and robb crs
still looking for another.. maybe i'll consider jane ramba too smiley

Mods can close this. Trade successful.

Good evening
i want sell my tessa(1M)

i search
kero + splata + 50k
kero + 520k
splata + 520k
kero + tana + 210k
splata + tana + 210k
lamar + 300k
aldebaran + 300k
the change will be in security change

thanks mod smiley

monday 27/08/2012

How much do you estimate a kolos 0xp. PM me if you're interested for a trade

Please state an approximate value you are looking to sell Vickie Cr and Jim Cr at.

Is anyone willing to sell me Splata Cr for 415,624 and if you do message me and send it to my private sales. Thank you. smiley

Offers ? smiley

I offer

3 spyke


13 shi fou

And i'm looking for dragan cr and lamar cr
if anyone interested we will discuss about the complements, i accept cash and cards ...
thanks mod

... i'm looking for splat a cr and kerozinn cr i will discuss the difference
thanks mod

Need one more Blaaster...

No thankyou Jess



Ill trade my blaster cr for your jackie cr

I accept GraksmxxT (70k) too! smiley

Wants=nightmare berzerks ulu watu uppers rescue sakrohms any of those would be appreciated (no doubles)

Looking for jane ramba and something else for trade or sell

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