sunday 26/08/2012

Still looking! Anyone?

Got Jane Ramba. Thanks mods

saturday 25/08/2012

Please write the price that you want to sell Vickie Cr for smiley

I have two lao cr
1 full 1 0 exp
I want your tessa cr 0 exp + 540k compliment for my 0 exp lao cr
and your tessa cr 0 exp + 500k compliment for my full xp lao cr
i accept as a compliment:
jackie cr
tanarava cr
blaaster cr
caelus cr
and kerozinn cr

Hi, I'm looking for Vickie and Kerozinn cr (also not togheter).

I can offer cash, some cr with prices lower than 200k (like some caelus, blaaster, edd, marco etc.), tanaereva and other cards like kolos, cortez, tsubane, graks...

Pm if you sell just one of them as well.

Kerozinn Cr Added Looking for

Hawk. Edd Cr Rolph.

I'm looking for a Kerozinn Cr to add to my collection. I'm willing to trade Cassio Cr, Veenyle Cr, Terry Cr, Kreen Cr, + + 290000 clintz. PM me if interested.smiley

All Edds are full xp btw smiley

2 tessa + 100k

Oxen 4k, rubie 6k, kaz 9.5, zat 27, dorian 31kal 73.5... good deal folks

I'm looking to buy all 3 cards for a bundled price of 19k please let me know if you'd like to negotiate. smiley

Yayoi is gone due to raising price. still can compete with copper

As confirmed allowed by mods/fo


Looking for 5 Jackie Cr for my 1 Tessa Cr

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