sunday 19/08/2012

Anyone intersted?

saturday 18/08/2012

Also grudge and veenyle cr. smiley

Just for future reference,

The title of your thread should have the brackets or parentheses around Trade and not the card.

1) Ayah,Haaken,Mikaal(YOU CHOSE + niqiloda
2)6 annuqa
3) 3 Beef FOR Sah Brinak + 10 Niqiloda OR 3 Annuqa

Now hes sold smiley thanks

1 Kreen is traded
I am also interested in Robb Cr

I would like to trade Splata cr (Freaks)

caelus cr
Jackie cr
Miss twice cr
tanaerva cr
jim cr
alec cr
marco cr
jane ramba cr
Robb cr
Smokey cr

Pm/message me with offerssmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmiley

I am going to sell my Shawoman Cr smiley (1.7kk tractable )

I'm looking for:
- cash
- cr
- cards +10k

secure trades smiley

Thanks mod smiley

I still have these cards


I am looking for a full Cr Alec (160k .) i offer

Jane Ramba 0exp Cr (90k)
Noodile 0exp Cr (27k)
Veenyle 0exp Cr (27k)
Heegrn 0exp Cr (16k)

This could also give a complement Clintz but no more than 6k.
Thank you.

Every card is 0xp. I sold the sung tsu and will add 10k to the clintz for 110,000 clintz. PM me for fastest response.

Here is what i offer for Guru Cr
112 Marco Cr (70k a head) 7840kk
3 Tessa Cr full xp (1.2m a head) 3600kk
5 marco cr full xp
and 100k ?

friday 17/08/2012

Do you have one blaaster cr to trade with me?

85 Bernie 0xp 200cad 17k
9 Bankee 0xp 2000 cad 16k
24 Ayzkub 0xp 350 cad 8,4k
12 Niqiloda 0xp 430 cad 5,2k
1 Sah Brinak 0xp 15k
11 timpah 0xp 280 cad 3k
14 Titsouk 0xp 550 cad 7,7k
2 Benicio 0xp 1200cad 2,4k
6 Moses 0xp 2800cad 16,8k
15 Sheryl 0xp 500cad 7,5k
3 Michael 0xp 15000cad 45k
42 Douglas 0xp 200cad 7,8k
7 Lydia 0xp 350cad 2,5k

total 157 k for Blaaster Cr

Trade completed, replaced Jackie Cr for 4 Dalhia 0xp's. You're right MadLampy_MoB, the original trade wasn't reasonable. I'll try to keep make them more properly in the future.

This can be closed. smiley

Interested lot of sammy 0exp? mp ...

Just send me a message or send cards thru PS. thanks smiley

Blaaster is 150k or over... graks and x-0dus comes to 62+77... so you're about 10 to 15k short even if blaaster doesn't spike...

maybe you want to add complement as no-one is gonna do that as is

I value noodile cr 0xp at 26k. Which is the current price on the market as i am looking at it.

I would like 7 of them if possible. I will also accept clintz + noodile cr 0xp to the value of 185k which is a fair deal think.

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