friday 17/08/2012

Anyone interested?

6 noodiles = 1 blaaster, no good deal

Smart guy, no wonder you already got legend ranksmiley

I value Tomas for 5,3k and Chiara for 7,7k

I offer:

Lucy 4500 clintz
Chan 3500 clintz
Unagi 830 clintz

Plus the clintz needed to close the deal, thanks.

668,000 clintz private sale or 660 and Caelus Cr and 435,000 clintz in a secure trade

Offer: Uranus's willy for both 0xp, because uranus is a girl her willy is uber rare :3

Changed my offer, now it's full nahi cr + 10k or card equivalent.

+ I still have shawoman CR for tradesmiley

Done all trade. Thanks everyone =D

thursday 16/08/2012

Unless I derped and either added wrong or added an extra card by accident all of those cards without the timber is equal to about 1.8k~1.9k

My Nahi is full XPsmiley

I have blaaster Caelus and Noodile.
blaaster 160k caelus 195k Noodile 25k
I'm looking for. Usable cards Loot or. not.

Like rolph hawk. Rowdy. Gibson. know what i mean.


Looking for 3 jackie crs + compliment for my Vickie Cr.
Thank you

Any offers? Mostly looking for jackie cr now but will acccept 1-2 blaasters

Looking for a TanMan CR (any xp) and will be looking to trade:

Robb CR (full xp)
2x Kolos (0 xp)
Numar (0 xp)
2x Kenny (0xp)
Shaakarti (0xp)

have other cards worth around 15-20k clintz if interested in swapping some cards out

Please PM for a faster response.
Thank you,

Close Topic......thanks ^__smiley__smiley__smiley__^

Got new post closing this one

Hello guys. I'm selling one lot of 196 Ayzkub Full Exp, for 240 Clintz/head, for a total of 47,040 Clintz. If you wanna pay only in cash, the price is 45,000 Clintz. I accept all cards, but no other lots. Pm me for a faster response!

Thanks to all!

... dragan cr , lamar cr , splata cr and kerozinn cr
we will discuss about the difference that should be around 400 k
the 4 cr listed above are my priority so ... you can write me here or in pm
thanks mod

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