friday 13/07/2012

Selling my full Skeelz deck. I'm looking for 53k in return.

40 k clintz
private sales

I am now offering 2.5 mil in clintz plus all the cards listed above for Guru Cr. If anyone also has a tip about how to make this offer more wanted, I know they aren't the best crs, feel free to give me advice.

Send me your offers in PM. Only reasonable offers please smiley

Who wants to send a private sale . sorry for the bad translations

Still there
100 Troompah 0xp 8 ktete

50 Jimmy 0xp 4.5k tete

2 Elya Cr 720k tete

2 Marlysa Cr 0xp= 3m tete

70 X-0DUS 0xp 65k each

thursday 12/07/2012

Thx for the unique bumps? offer still open.

I have lots of cards to trade for someones Alec Cr. If u have an extra u want to unload let me know and we can work oout a deal

Is the kero 0xp or full?

only looking for kero, may have a jackie 0 and miss twice 0 and caelus 0 depending on upcoming trade

Up checked the price 139k

Offer 4 Jackies Cr for your Tessa

Offer their own versions of complement

I have maazk. i sell it for 1100... i have 2

Pm me with offers if interested(complement could be in cards or clintz) according to maket prices

Still looking for Splata Cr smiley

Okay . . . I'm giving up on Manon Cr.

Trade #2: I would like to trade my 100 Beef (0xp) plus 50,000 clintz for your Splata Cr (FULL xp). Price is negotiable.

I wanna trade my Lamar Cr full + Cortez full for 4 Caelus Cr, I don't care if they are full, semi evo or 0xp price will be the same.

At the time I made this thread, the prices are

Lamar Cr 745k
Cortez 82k
Caelus Cr 207k

So I consider the deal fair and I won't accept any other kind of offer.

Good luck!

wednesday 11/07/2012

Yo I'm looking to trade my Caelus Cr for your Alec Cr + 60k
Extra negotiable depending on fluctuating market prices smiley

Note: I do not value 0xp higher since I plan on using the card in battle smiley

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