wednesday 11/07/2012

Trade done: thank you mods, the post can be closed smiley

Valuing it @ 200k for the lot (~4400/head), not for discussion.
Also looking to trade it for Caelus (0xp 205k, full 200k) and I'll add complements for 0xp

Please pm me or set up a secure trade directly. I will accomplish the trade asap.
Thanks mod! smiley

I'll give you 200k for Kerozinn cr

20 annuqa for 20 sigurd smileysmiley

Trade my beltran cr (285k) for your tanerava cr (250k) + weelee (16k) and hikousan (15k)
And my dwain cr full (240k) + 30k for your cealus cr full + graksmxxt 0 exp

You have already put your characters up for auction, no need for a seperate post smiley

Your paying for 0xp not full that or the trade i may drop the cost when it's a trade but if you buy her i stand at 100000. i want cortez first and foremost in the trade.

tuesday 10/07/2012


I trade my Nahi Cr 0xp for Jackie Cr 0xp.

Have Fun !

51 clintz! :3 Lul

I can give Sum Sam Cr 0xp for 43 Marc0 Cr 0xp smiley

Yoshida 0xp
Daqun 0xp
3 Maazk 0xp
Lucy 0xp
Sammy 0xp
Cr Heegrn full
Cutey 0xp
Sigurd 0xp
4k more a complement to all for Charlie. can also be slightly negocear

U have lao cr ?? or u buy lao cr ??

My Cr's Beltrancr and dwain cr for your bulk vraksmxxt and kolos 0 exp preffered smiley

Trading caelus cr (full) @ 210k and marco cr (full) @ 48k


either miss twice cr (valued @ 240k) and 18k clints
jackie cr (valued @ 219-220k) and 37/38k clints

i am open to take other offers of playable crs and cards over 10k

thanks mods

Hey i wanna trade lao cr for some crs (caelus cr , jackie cr ,blaster cr ( vickie cr))
pm 2 pm if you are interested in lao cr

1) Guru Cr (12m -12.5)
2) Lyse Teria Cr 0xp (13-13.5m)
3)100 Bristone0xp (5k) each
4)2 Tanaereva Cr (275k) each
5) Vickie Cr 3* 800k

we can talk abput the price smiley

I trade my dragan cr
prize : 1.5M negociable
I want giocable cr and cash

Will now change the offer to
2 X-0dus (~100k)
3 Michaels ( ~55k)
2 Daggs (~60k)
1 Oraya (~12k)
1 Dorian (~20k)
1 Sah Brinak (~14k)
and 10k for a Full Tanaevera Cr That's ~271,000 clintz for a FULL Tanaevera Cr

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