saturday 07/07/2012

Still open 11 logan + bristone for your edd cr...cmon no one?

Its ok for me, u want it full xp or semievo?

I trick my general cr es 0xp

Okay. My Lamar Cr - 740k. We can haggle.
Interesting Dregn, X-0DUS. Clintz more interesting than cards.
Write to PM smiley

I can do 19k now!smiley

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friday 06/07/2012

Hi. I'm Trading either my Lamar Cr full Xp or my Lamar Cr 0 Xp for any combination of Jackie Cr, Caelus Cr and clintz, but the deal must have at least 1 Jackie Cr and 1 Caelus Cr both full Xp.

I value Lamar Cr full Xp at 770k and Lamar Cr 0 Xp at 850k. The price of Caelus Cr and Jackie Cr will be the market price.

Thx a lot.

Hi, i wish to trade my general cr 0xp against a guru cr or a dj korr cr.

For guru cr i ask a compliment of around 1 million;

For dj korr cr i offer a compliment of 4 splata cr and 1 caelus cr 0xp, but i have many other stuff in replacement if you prefer.

Everything is negotiable, i exstimate general cr around 13M, guru cr 12M, and dj korr cr 16M.
PM me to offer, i won't be reading this topic much often.

I trade or sell my 115 Gus 0exp.
Trade for 11 Heegrn 0exp + 8,5k
Sell 1 700 each.
Thank's modo.

Thanks mods.

Got ahkab and still have Macro and the other cards

Thank you all and it is done.

I am going to buy any xp uma for 300 clintz
please put it in my private sale or ps so we can make a deal
thank you smiley

Only Neomi, Muze and Trish left, any takers?

thursday 05/07/2012

I am interested in Caelus Cr

I need a Dugan for under the market price. If you have an offer please PM me.

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