sunday 12/08/2012

I guess I can clarify my offer a bit. It is supposed to be:

Aldebaran Cr AND the 1M clintz.

I can also include 1 Marco Cr (0xp) and maybe a go a little higher on the clintz if necessary.

Still buying, i might be interested in ombre cr and reine cr too


thread no longer valid. As requested in previous post please close as I'm now getting folk offering clans no longer needed in PMs, and when I point out I'm no longer trading her against non-crs they're quite rightly it seems telling me that this thread is still open and that's the cards that were listed.

Thanks in advance, Lampy

Hes only giving away one of them?

No one up for trade i can add more clintz
i can go 7k

Come on, its a good investisemment

I am looking for some kalindras or bulks of other frozens
pst me

Find the mikaal, still search smiley

Sorry everyone. Seems I got the definition for bulk wrong. Close her down, mods. please.smiley

Ok my auction will end on 8/14/12 at midnight pacific time

Awwww i wanted a compliment smiley hehe good luck moe smiley

Your cards are already up for auction, you can not make another deal?

What post is that? smiley

Willing to trade my kalindra ayah and mikall for him.

pm for quicker trades.

thanks mods.

Elya has been sod, could mods please close this

Please, put your value of that bulks! smiley

saturday 11/08/2012

11 marco cr full xp ? + small compliment pm if interested ?

I'm willing to trade my cards, all full xp except striker

i have:
Jay x3

mainly looking for 3-4 Edd Cr. i value him about 48-50k each. depends on the market value.

will listen to any offer though, just pm me

Anyone want to sell some bb cool gs for market price or cheaper just pm me

I want roob cr im willing to offer 50k clintz and cards to make up for the rest
cards om make up for the rest of the clintz are
hattori kuei
toro clover

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