wednesday 04/07/2012

Oh, this offer is for 0XP

For full XP, remove one caelus and the 64k add on. Total value - 2100000 ish.

Like the title says, PM to set up a trade smiley

I accept Cash , Lot's (Sah Brinak 0xp, Edwin 0xp or Niqiloda 0xp) and Cr (Blaaster Cr , Caelus cr, Jackie cr)

Taylor is a good investment for the LD Berzek !

If interested PM, ty.


All what i need is only Dregn 0 xp, i offer many 0 xp cards too :

5 X-0dus vs 6 Dregn
3 Graks vs 4 Dregn
1 Dagg + 1 Heegrn Cr + Taylor vs 1 Dregn
5 C beast + Spyke vs 1 Dregn
6 Kazayan + 1 Hefty vs 1 Dregn
4 Oraya vs 1 Dregn
13 Miss stella vs 1 Dregn
2 Noodile + 1 Sah Brinak vs 1 dregn
1 Yayoi + 5 Selina vs 1 Dregn
3 Ahkab + 1 Tula vs 1 Dregn
1 Karrion + 1 Ghumbo + 2 Oshitsune vs 1 Dregn
7 Arnie + 2 ray vs 1 dregn

Thx in advance Mod final lot just wanna be finished with her smiley
I value her at a minimum 4500/head min. and 4800/head
(If you wanna leave a message saying this is expensive I can tell you I sold over 200 copies of her 0xp at 4800 within this week)

I am interested in cash, Blaaster CR and Robb CR ONLY.
Please pm me with offers.

Thanks mod! smiley

I'd like Dugan for under th market price. Please PM me if you have an offer!!!

Thanks mods smiley

Hmmm... instead of a Heegrn I'll make it a Jane Ramba Cr.

Sorry but you need to put [trade] in front of your title. Please make another thread.

I meant Elvis (0XP) instead of Spyke. My apologies :/

tuesday 03/07/2012

I want to sell 1Veenyle Cr Full and 1veenyle Cr 0xp for 36k clintz

or trade for vortex, sakrohm, piranas

thanks smiley

Hi People,
I would like Niqiloda for under the market price. Please PM me if you have an offer!

I buy all Bernie 0 xp 180/190 clintz

This auction is over at midnight pacific time on 7/7/12

Hello guys
I buy all bernie 0 xp 180/190 clintz
tanks mods

Is a little low price, i'm not very interestedi in rass cr and i want the playable cr full exp

i forgot that i wanna the offers in mp smiley

Hi all...i want to trade my elya cr for 560k...
i'm interested only in cash skullface cr 205k and cassio cr 120k...negotiable smiley
contact me if u are interested...
thnks mods smiley

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