sunday 05/08/2012

Update 10 maurice gone, 25 ones left for 7000 each

Already sold

Lots of Smokey Cr still available, both 0xp and maxed smiley

Selling it for 9000 if anyone wants it pm me

saturday 04/08/2012

Kalindra + jane ramba cr + 20k + sah brinak + scubb x caelus full

I will trade your elya cr perhaps with a small FPC compliment for my 2 blaaster cr and 1 miss twice cr

Close please

I change my following cr's 0xp:

ambrose cr 0 xp (515k)
chad bread cr 0xp (67k)
dwain cr 0xp (440k)
jim cr 0xp (320k)
melissa cr 0xp (700k)
page cr 0xp (205k)
seldnor cr 0xp (110k)
thaumaturge cr 0xp (290k)

i'm looking for..

- jackie cr 0xp caelus cr 0xp marco cr 0xp
- berzerk and frozn 0xp

the trades will be made by secure trade

Dalhia gone

Topic closed

Ur beeboy + 3k for my lousie

Already got ongh smiley

But if another zerk becomes it all the others will almost surely drop alot

Thanks smiley all i have left now is elya cr an instead of jackie cr i am looking for bulk edd cr or marco cr

Looking for any Cr's of similar value, such as Jackie, and Caelus, will add the rest = to market value. Or willing to sell them seperate at 2500 each in bulk.

No longer need ongh add 46k clintz to the first point instead of ongh

How do...people 67 of any card!! I got like... 1 of each!

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