wednesday 27/06/2012

if you have General CR in your collection and you are interested in trading it - please let me know !

I offer Guru CR for it + complement ...


Would be open for other trades as well.

We will REFUSE all subjects without tags.

[SALE] + title
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Vickie cr 0xp 720k interested send me PM smiley

And in your opinion, who spend 570k For Lamar, thinking that will pay 18k of taxes? smiley

However, I sold it.
Tanaereva Cr + 320k.

I can Close.

tuesday 26/06/2012

Looking to trade my Dalhia full xp for Copper full xp.

46 heegrn cr (17k)
5 jane ramba cr (37k) 1 are 2* 4 are full
4 marco cr (50k) 1 are 4* with 3450 xp and 3 full
i accept cards,cr and cash

i´ll trade my 50 Karrion for Dragan CR

If there was any takers to late i wasted 1000clintz on the slotssmiley close thread pleasesmiley

Hello ladies and gentlemen, I am here to sell / swap Armanda cr

PvP on the market - 2.2 million Clintz

- What I accept :

Simple Cards

Day starting - 06/26/2012 (today)

End Date - 29 - 06 - 2012 (Friday)

Thanks to the mods / operators ^ __ ^

I'll say to folk in REV too, though stick one in guild thread and pm ched to see if he has a spare

Any offers? i am really serious in acquiring one noodile cr. please post here to move the thread up. smiley

Will trade full berzerk but cortez with XU52 Wardom Draheera Rolph Annibal plus 5000 clintz

Which clan is Noodile Cr ?

I have 75 deea ( various xp - mainly 0xp )

im looking for 1100 per card.

PM me it interested

I`m looking for Leviatonn, Lin Xia, Wardom, and XU52 and willing to trade them for Copper and Coby or 12,000 clintz

I wanna sell you all sakrohm that arent collectors for 150k or all non collector freaks plus Haze Peeler and Taham and 10k. Im negotiable but this is my prefered trade, I'd rather you pm me with your offer, for faster results smiley

0 xp Caelus Cr for your full + 10k

I trade melissa cr for giocable cr like caelus e co.
contact me if are interessed smiley
thanks mod e fo

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