monday 25/06/2012

What do you offer

Hello, I'm looking for Miss Twice Cr and Nahi Cr, Full or 0 exp, i pay only with cash:

Miss Twice Cr 200 000 clintz
Nahi Cr 180 000 clintz

Thanks to all smiley

I am trading my 0 exp tanaereva cr for your full exp + compliment. i will not accept any other trades other than this. pm me if you want. thanks smiley

I'm either selling / trading my CAELUS CR full.
looking for cash or offers that are appealing. i'm looking for playable crs or cards with values of 10k and above. please no offers like 130 copies of Jimmy or any other card unless its a good ,valuable card.

Thanks mods smiley

I value Sum Sam @ 2.2M, 100k more for 0xp

I offer
200 Lucy (100 0xp) @ 4000 (~800k)
Elya CR (~550k)
5 Caelus CR @ 170k (~850k)
I will add a Kalindra for 0xp Sum Sam, or others making up close to 100k.

I don't have much other assets so not too much room for negotiation, but please pm to discuss.

Hellow. I'm looking for Caelus Cr, Full or 0 exp, i pay only with cash:

Caelus Cr 170.000 Clintz

If you wanna sell it, put in my Private Sale.

Thanks to all! smiley

Yea i know already. thanks smiley please close this thread now

I need a Tanaereva Cr...
I've 168k clints + Graksmxxt!
Ask me in mp

Thank you moderators

Can do some price adjustments since his market price dropped a bit.

Everything is negotiable, any questions PM me.

Ok... now i have 6 kalindra, 5 are 0xp and 1 full.. the price are 95K for one...


Vickie Cr , Cr Splata , Smokey Cr , Cr Ombre , Blaaster Cr AND TANAEREVA CR.

sunday 24/06/2012

I give 130k clints + Graksmxxt(67.5k)+Bloodh(20k)

2xdalhia are sold

I trade my Jackie cr (162.000) for 9 gil (18.000)
Pm me

Really exist a portugues forum???

well... the complements now is 15k... wait for ofers

I have a timpah max xp, willing to trade for skeelz.

I would like to buy Ongh 0 xp ... for 39-40k
pm me offers

Trading my Jane Ramba Cr and Laura and Dugan for Copper

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I can go up to 70k + jackie cr. anyone?

I`m trading my La Junta for Sentinel.

I have: Trish, Ray, Naginata, Laura, Jane Ramba Cr, Isatis, Gatline, Emeth, Ed 12, Dugan, Dead, Chiro, Burger, Bryan, and Arnie

I want: Copper, Coby, Hawk, Havok, Jakson, Miss Chloe, Sammy, Owen, Kamakura

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