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saturday 22/09/2012

Such a nice guy & fair seller, good luck zhurgy smiley

Sorry, not interested in ombres jess

I still need the Marlysa cr

I no longer have the Vickie cr or one of the Lamar cr for trade. I do have many other good cards though.

Have found a deal in pm smiley
Please close this thread thx.

Hey i just replied to your message @creamru. smiley

Hi looking to do a trade with my Sentinel for either Nightmare or Piranas. I`m looking only to trade for one clan so when I get the first card from either clan I`m sticking to it and only want one copy of each.
I Have:
Copper: 43,700
Coby: 22,500
Melvin: 14,000
Hawk: 13,700
Havok: 5,400
Jakson: 4,850
Owen: 3,275
Miss Chloe: 3,000
Sammy: 2,850
Kamakura: 1,870
Miranda: 1,560
Dayton: 1,200
Harvey: 990
Martha: 670
Amy: 200

Looking for:
Piaranassmileyalhia,Ahkab,Bloodh,Selma,Raeth,Katan,Ulrich,Pesth,and any other offer
Nightmare:Kolos,Karrion,Ghumbo,Glorg,Oshitsune,Nistarok,Ielena,Estalt, and any other offer

Anyone? please i nedd only 15-20k difference.

Still looking smileysmileysmiley

Asking 250 000 clintz

Want to buy Noodile Cr, a bit lower than the current market value (21,349 clintz). PM me or send a secure/privale sales if interested. TY

Cards i have for trade are:

kenny cr 0xp

Alec Cr x1 0xp

Veenyle Cr x1 0xp x2 maxed

Amiral Py Cr x2 0xp

Edd Cr x2 0xp

Marco Cr x2 0xp x1 maxed

Heegrn Cr x9 0xp

GraksmxxT 0xp

Emeth maxed

Charlie 0xp

I offer also cash

Kolos 0exp 52k
x-0dus any exp 62k
you may need to add cards or a 10k compliment.

friday 21/09/2012

I search stock of moses or beeboy, marketplace prices

Now i havent rico!buy for cash 64-65k

Miss Twice Cr 330 000
Jackie Cr 204 000
the complement in only clintz

I have jautya and grudj pm me what you willing to trade. i want hawking and yoshida

Selling Jim Cr 0 exp for 240k minimum. You can also trade for non-Cr cards with the same market value. smiley

My Ombre Cr full exp 395k + Jim Cr full exp 245k for your Miss Twice Cr 335k + Tanaereva Cr 315k
i will add 15k clintz or any small card

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