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friday 21/09/2012

No longer have the zatman but i no longer need jackie cr
also add a 0 exp marlysa cr to my haves and subtract the marco ombre and miss twice cr
i am also looking for marly full and kerozinn cr

thursday 20/09/2012

Card gone, post can be closed: thank yousmiley

How much you pay? What is your offer? Please, do a serious thread. Thanks.

Offer is still available.

Reine Cr +30000 for 2 Caelus Cr

Full? 0xp? Price? LOL, open a good thread please.

Compliment is now lowered. It must be at least 1k now smiley

All are gone, thanks! You can close this! smiley

10 Taylor + 10 Lizzy

I want around 20k pm me for faster response

We will REFUSE all subjects without tags.
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I could do 35k minimum in secure trade

Looking for around 245-255k clintz. I'm not looking for a trade of any sort, just clintz. Send me a private message if you'd like to make a deal.

wednesday 19/09/2012

As in the topic and the whole clan would Splata Cr

Blaaster and robb is gone,i jave jackie 0 exp to trade for full + comlement and i have 2 terry cr 0exp too

Hi,looking for a Kenny Cr

Will trade all for Kenny
Kolos Full
Leviatonn Full
Glorg Full
Tomas 0exp
Eloxia 0 exp

Pm me and we can negotiate.

Hey hey one melissa cr? smiley

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