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tuesday 18/09/2012

Tanaereva Cr oxp + Kenny Cr oxp + Terry cr oxp !

No one wants to buy Tessa? smiley
I will now accept 960 000 clintz

I would like to trade my lamar cr full xp plus the difference in various cards for a tessa cr full xp

please pm me if interested.
thnx mods

Up! Anyone???

I'm looking to trade my:
Praxie (18k)
Manfred (2.5k)

for your:
Michael (17k)
Aylen (3.5k)

Pm for faster reply smiley

My offert for her is :
caelus cr 0XP ( 200k) + kenny cr full ( 87k ) + dorian ( 22k ) + Lin Xia ( 21k )

TOTAL : 331K

PS: trade by secure trade

thanks smiley

For jackie + 60k complsment pm me for quicker responce

Esp. looking for Kolos and Karrion, or 95k clz (obo)

Still looking

Looking for Rhed Cr
offering ghumbo (18.1k) + 5.9kclintz

Selling Miss Twice Cr for around 340 K clintz.
Selling Thaumaturge Cr for 205 K clintz.

All offers considered unless ridiculous. Pm me for fastest response.

Still looking -_-

Looking for theese cards
If you have any offers for Kalindra 0 exp please pm me!

monday 17/09/2012

Selling it for 7000 clintz or trading it for nightmare, gheist or freaks.

The deal is dont. ty everyone for your offers smiley

Im also looking for high priced non cr cards.

Kenny, x-0dus and kalindra gone
I will trade Tsubame for 10 beef

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