thursday 02/08/2012

Pm me with card and amount of bulk and we can work out a deal smiley pm is much faster than thread but either will be fine. i have cash or cards pick your choice smiley (all cards are recent departures from new bloods and i am giving at current market + only a little bit)

Already got it thanks!

MP MP message private

I am looking for 2x Marco Cr + Compliment for Swidz Cr.
It can also be any other Cr's, but if that's the case, then I am also looking for Diyo Cr + Compliment.
I also take clintz.
PM me or comment here if you're interested.

Well then ill have to wait for your next batch cos i may be intrestedsmiley

Hello smiley

I would like to trade my kreen cr for 25 tuck (2.600 for each tuck)

Finally,I trade my robb cr for all roots card (without collector)+5.000 clintz

Thanks to all,if you are interested sell me a private message smiley

sorry for bad english smiley

I have a pussycats excluding the crs
and a bunch of other cards
i value miss twice cr at 300k
i want one at any xp
pm me so we can make a deal.

Chad Bread Cr full xP for 25 copies of Sammy Xp irrelevant smiley

In regards to this trade, I should have said I will trade my Nahi Cr for these cards that add up to the value of Nahi Cr at the market:Tsubame, Lin Xia, Kreen Cr, Mona, Edd Cr, Dalhia, Diana, Charlie, Petra, Chiara, Oraya, Kazayan, Dorian, Shaakarti, and Dregn.

My tomas, hefty, nancy, kerry, gordon, elvira for your zatman

Alec cr + blaaster cr for tanaereva cr?

Tomas, hefty, elvira, cliff, kerry for zatman

Then I guess an Edd Cr and Lamar Cr will do.

... bye bye Tessa! smiley

Topic closed smiley

wednesday 01/08/2012

As the title say i wish to sell or trade:
splata cr full xp- 515k-525k
geuner cr 0xp- 95k
diyo cr 0xp-118k

i am willing to trade for cards between the 10-50k mark along with any playable crs

the trade can be negotionable

pm me for a much fatser response

Also adding 3 0xp Ed cr 45k each!!!! Pm for negotiations

Trading 8 0xp michael and 1 0xp kalindra for a caelus.

Like the title says i wish to trade my marco cr for a jane ramba cr

offer is negotionable, pm me for a much faster responce

I found what i was looking for, thx to the staff

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