wednesday 01/08/2012

Lowering the asking price to 1.84M

Also willingly to make changes to the prices if the market changes

Still no offers???

I have a Guru Cr 0xp and i'm looking for a Guru Cr full + 70k cards or 70k clintz.
Private message me if you are interested.

thanks smiley

Twyh is sold

Hey all i'm looking to buy a Copper for 45k. Put it in my Private Sales smiley Thanks

What do you mean??

doesnt matter... i already have them.

Hey, I would like to trade:

3 x Praxie 0 exp (17,500 x 3) = 52,500


1 x Dalhia 0 exp (51,000)
1 x Pesth 0 exp (4,150)

Total: (55,150 ctz)

PM for faster response...Willing to negotiate, ridiculous offers will be ignored.

Thank you and thanks Mods smiley

For 40 000 Clintz(or card above) I Will Give You

1 Daussone 0xp
1 Harvey 0xp
1 Hilly Billy 0xp
1 Jean 0xp


tuesday 31/07/2012

Anyone out there with a Guru Cr for trade?

According to my adding up, this whole clan minus Sum Sam is worth 311,328.

I am offering
7 Edd Cr's, worth approximately 275,000.
6 Kusuri's, worth approximately 17,500.
1 Jay, worth approximately 17,500.
And an Eloxia, worth approximately 4,500.
Plus 5,000 in clintz.

This whole deal is your Bangers clan minus Sum Sam Cr, worth 311,328, for my listed cards, worth approximately 314,500, ad 5,000 clintz, for a total value of 319,500.

Trade 100 Sliman full for your la junta, berzerk, all star, etc

Hi, i'm looking for Zatman. i have these cards to offer all 0xp. I value Zatman for 25000

Rolph 5600
Tsung su 3200
Baldovino 5200
Zhu Tang 1900
Cutey 2500
Benicio 1100
TrinmkkT 2800

and i have about 7000 clintz

I have enough doubles now that I can sell/trade one set of the entire clan, willing to make it 2 sets if I get a great offer. There market value as a clan is around 100-110k.

I also have:
Beeboy 0xp

All offers are welcome, but I'm really only looking for cr's or clintz. please pm me if interested!

Thanks again mods.

My marlysa cr is full exp
Im looking for crs like ombre cr, jim cr, chad bread cr, selsya cr, seldnor cr, diyo cr etc

Im interested in cash too


Alright found and offer thx mods smiley

Dalhia hawkins and ambre sold....

i am giving 93k + smokey cr for blaaster cr....

Lol nice! Hey the trade is done : )

Already traded. You can close this. Thanks again!

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