monday 30/07/2012

Kerozinn cr caelus cr and jackie cr for my 0xp lamar cr.

So, all your Tihmpah 0xp for 300 Clintz/head and all your Ayzkub for 250 Clintz/head. smiley
Everythings in private sell, unlimited quantity


Still looking for a Splata smiley

You offering just under 300k worth of cards and tan man atm is 375k on market so your missing 75k

anyway good luck on getting him


I trade my Tanaereva Cr 0xp for 4 Robb Cr 0xp + 20'000 Clintz.

Have Fun !

I give you 40 Chikko Cr
8500 • 40 = 340k
And 420k on Cash

Thank sold.

Sorry for my mystake it's 1 cortez but not 0xp, full

sunday 29/07/2012

I have 10,000 clintz PM me if you are you are willing to sell a 'cheaper' Michael it doesn't matter what * he is but i would prefer it if he was maxed out smiley

Still searching. PM me if you're interested for a quicker response. smiley

I' m mad, i accept 650 k for elya (but only cash). Also a pay the taxes

Looking for Haaken, Kalindra, Mikaal and Sah Brinak.

In exchange I have a lot of other cards, especially Skeelz, Piranas and Vortex. Just ask me what you want. I have clintz to round out the deal if needed. PM me for a faster response.

Hello! I need an Alec Cr:
I value him 0xp 190k
I give:
Blaaster Cr (164k)
Nobodroid 0xp ( 11k)
Ratanah 0xp ( 11k) + a card 4000 clints(Lea)
ask me in mp thank you

Trading my entire frozn clan for a caelus cr. Message me.

Would prefer Elya Cr guys, I have the whole Bangers clan without Beeboy and Sam Sum Cr, with Miss twice CrLeviatonn Wardom XU52 and Draheera

2 Marco for 2 Graks
u win 6k !!!
or sell for 130k

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