tuesday 19/06/2012

Hey I`m looking to trade for Dorian and could only trade for Montana for him. Also I`m only pricing Dorian at 16,000 or 16,500. I have Vito, Tino, Oscar, Jimmy, Griezzo, Fabio, Enzo, Don, Desmond, Avola, and Aniki and will to trade as many cards to equal his amount.

I know, but I shortaged as 5000, if someone offered me between that price XD

If you can improve your offer for Ndololo then I may be interested

monday 18/06/2012

Hello i'm interest in Guru Cr

i have for trade

1,9M cash
27 jackies 0xp
75 Yoshida 0xp
2 Tanaereva Cr 0xp
1 Splata Cr full
1 Marlysa Cr full

thx mods smiley

Will pay 5k clintz for them together.


I sell or trade my Marlysa Cr full xp(2,3M)

i'm interested in 13 jackie cr 0xp (175k)


thx mods for acceptingsmiley

Im looking for Nahi Cr for 175000 - 185000
i waiting your offer's pm fast

Im looking for Alec Cr for 127000 - 130000
i waiting your offer's

I'm looking to buy/trade for DJ Korr Cr.
I'm offering:

- 10M Clintz

- Vickie Cr full
- Tanaereva Cr full
- Smokey Cr Oxp
- 10 Caelus Cr Oxp
- 10 Marco Cr Oxp
- 10 Robb Cr Oxp
- 10 Veenyle Cr Oxp
- 10 Heegrn Cr Oxp

- 10 Sylth Oxp
- 10 Kolos Oxp
- 10 X-0DUS Oxp
- 10 Gil Oxp


So d u want to trade if u have one

13 M cash smiley

I want to trade:
my 10 cutey full + 100 clinz/t (1k) x your 10 cutey 0xp
my 20 lucy full + 150/t (3k) x your 20 lucy 0xp

only this trade no other.

Thanks mod and fo

I'll give you my thanks.... and 1 of the cards (whichever one) AND 9000 clintz by the way are you pc or ipod/iphone

I would like to buy Miss Twice Cr full xp for 215000.
Thanks admins!

I buy 100x Cutey, i rate the cards:

2.700 clinz 0xp
2.600 clinz full
2.600 clinz semievo at any level

For lots less than 10 cards put them directly in private sale.
For lots bigger then10 or more cards contact me in MP to decide the price.


I'm done thank you smiley

Your Blaaster Cr (bangers)
For my
Yayoi and wee lee
I can negotiate prices

Pm me for fastest results
And tanks mods smiley

The bobinator aka bilobob987

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