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friday 14/09/2012

2 Diyo Cr (200k) each. 100k

1 Page Cr (140k)

Cards , that i accept/want: Marco Cr,Edd Cr,Graksmxxt,Hawk,Lehane,Caelus Cr

Good trade ,I'll contact the best offer with a pm , thanks to Mods for oppening this threard !

Also looking for vickie cr full 600k.

thanks mods!


Kalindra 0xp vs Marco Full +12k complement.

Will now do.
x-0dus 0exp for 10 beef any exp

1 kerozinn cr 490k

10 blaaster cr full 145 k each

1 Tanaereva Cr 320k

Hi guys,trade
Blaaster cr full
3 jane ramba cr full
page cr full
amiral py cr
if you make a good offert i can trade caelus cr and another blaaster cr
looking for
Cr(all but not kenny rhed)
I'll considerate all offerts,so send message in pvt to me

Exchange my zatman and jackie 0 exp for full + complement

Thanks modsmiley

Hello ,

i'm selling my Sum sam cr 0XP for 2.3M in clints or colectors.

i will make the trade by secure trade.


Possibility of negotiating

Done please close thankssmiley

As title says I have two useless to me Hawkins 0 xp just sitting there, ready to be level up and used.

Now to business, I value Hawkins a little over the market value(18,000).

Cards I want:

Copper U, (41,000 clintz) full xp and I'll pay for the rest.

Numar R, (44,000) any xp and I'll pay for the rest.

Shakaarti R( 28,000) and YOU pay the rest*


for these cards only:

Rubie R (4,500)
Edd 12 U (5,000)
Peeler U (12,500
Terry Cr (13,000)

Total 35,000 And you save yourself a clean k. smiley

PM me and I guess I should get ready for some interesting offers.smiley

Thanks mods...smiley

My Caleus Cr 0xp


Your Caleus Cr full + complement
Compliment should be: 6 500 clintz , Dr Falkenstien + 2 000 clintz, Michael (I'll add 10 000)

Please PM me
Thx Mods.

thursday 13/09/2012

I value Tan Man at 315k.

I have to offer:
Smokey Cr (Full) 71k
Kenny Cr (0 XP) 98k
2 Dalhia (1 Full, 1 0 XP) 68k
Ahkab (Full) 20k
Bloodh (Full) 16k
Hawkins (Full) 18k
Selma (Full) 16k
10 k clintz
Overall value: 317k

Thanks mods. P/m for faster response.

This deal was completed but i am going to point out for people dealing with this individual in the future the "88 0xp and 1 full xp sammy" was actually 70 0xp 4 4* and 15 full xp so as for "fair trade" the deal was done i wasnt gonna cause a stink as im investing in sammy regardless but that was some false advertising and i think it should be known to give future players a heads up

Close please , thanks.

Close please , thanks.

I trade my Kiki cr full + complement for your Dj korr cr.

Complement available (your choice):
- Kiki cr + 1,2M cash;
- KIki cr + Tana cr full + Jackie cr full+ 500k clintz
- Kiki cr + 20 dregn full

Send me a Pm if you are interested in this trade...

Merci mods smiley

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