friday 27/07/2012

One Robb Cr for 230 x Aleister
Second Robb Cr for 265 x Lydia

Full or 0 xp do just as fine.

Each missing Alesteirs can be replaced with 395 straight clintz - But only upto 1/3 rd's of whole lot.
Each missing Lydia can be replaced with 340 straight clinz - But only upto 1/3 rd's of whole lot.

But I prefer (and offer better rate) for the cards rather than clintz.

Offer valid for 3 days, after that all prices will be revised.
Prices non-negotiable.
Thank you mods.

Also have a 0xp Cortez up for trade

I know what u must be thinking now that these two are asking for too much, so ill make a good offer.... ill have a general cr not too much now is it?

Still looking smiley

My 0xp wee lee for the following:

noodile cr
miken moose

these are just worth under 30k and the cheapest wee lee 0xp is 32k

thx mods

Good luck cab smiley

I got a full Jackie Cr to sell.
I'm willing to trade her for Kalindra + Clintz or Clintz only. I value Jackie Cr at 217k and Kalindra at 76k, so:
Jackie Cr = 217K - Just buy her, she's on the market.
Jackie Cr = Kalindra + 141k - Contact me via PM.

Trade LAMAR CR for tanareva CR+ Caelus Cr+ Smokey CR or equivalent

send me pm if interested

Is your name on UR: AeroShmidt?

I no longer have dallas and oscar, and i no longer need baldovino

Sigurd x 4
Bubbles x 7
Klawz x 4
Desmond x 5
Eebiza x 2
Artus x 2
Lena x 2
Lorna x 3
Sekutor x 2

I'm looking for the following cards:


Close please

The Rass Cr is away, you can close this topic.

thanks modssmiley

thursday 26/07/2012

I trade:

Jane Ramba Cr (59k) + 8000 for Tsubame (67k)
Arnie (4200) + Chiro (1300) + 100 clintz for Heitachi (5600)
Burger (2050) + Bryan (4750) for Hattori (6800)
Dean (1000) + Dugan (1800) for Sung Tsu
Emeth (21700) for Kuei (9100) + Linda (1850) + Macumba (1500) + Lost Hog (4000) + Rei (1400) + 3800 clintz
Gatline (2900) + (300) for Chan (3200)
Isatis (2200) for Zinfrid (2200)
Naginata (9000) for Fei (9000)
No Nam (1600) + Trish (3000) + Archibald (730) + Dacote (1600) for Yoshida (7000)
Thormund (1900) for Zhu Tang (1900)

for negotiations write here or send me one mp..

5 star Lost Hog for only 3650

Well, last chance, If I haven't received any good offer tomorrow, I will close the thread, so make your offers smiley

Add a full xp jackie cr to my cr's for trade smiley

Bump. Anyone interested?

Looking to trade my Shaakarti (0xp) and 1000 clintz for your Spyke and Oraya (any xp)

Please PM with offers for a quicker response

Also looking to trade for:


Close plz

thanks mods smiley

I want ROBB CR I will trade Kalindra-lets plz make this fast-just secure trade me

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