sunday 17/06/2012

I also have Cortez oxp and Kerozinn Cr full level, PM me if interested.

Its 0 exp by the way smiley

saturday 16/06/2012

Only got 20 left at 0xp

Oh, and PM me for a faster response

I wanna trade my taham for noborodriod (main) secondry draheera


I'm selling:
6 0xp Vivian ( All for 1.5k/250 each )
5 0xp Annuqa ( All for 4.5k/900 each )
74 0xp Neloe ( All for 20k/270 each )

I'm looking to sell all of them for 26k clintz or in cards. PM me for faster responses.

I have a tanaereva cr full to trade

Im mainly interested in piranas

in case of sell, I value him around 225-235k

pm me for faster response

You can close a thread yourself. Look to the upper, right hand section of this thread.

friday 15/06/2012

Please Close Mods. Ty smiley

Highest "Bidder" was 500 Clintz, With A Hikiyousan Max, for My Hikiyousan 0xp.

I would like to TRADE my Seldnor Cr and 2 Veenyle Cr for Alec Cr.

Traded it so smiley AngeldeLeo

I have 90 Gretchen

50 Full
40 0xp

If 90 are purchased im looking for 850 per card, if only 0xp are bought then 875 per 0xp card.

I have 100 Deea

52 Full
48 0xp

If 100 are purchased im looking for 1150 per card, if only 0xp are bought then 1175 per 0xp card.

Please PM me if interested

Not only that at time of post thaumaturge was inflated by 100k xD

We can talk this over PMs if you are still interested.


I wish to trade my Piranas: Selma Ahkab Tula and Raeth
for any of this Skeelz: Jay Michael Praxie Eloxia Chiara Tomas Eloxia Corvus

Offer is negotiable, please offer via pm or secure trade. Thanks

I already Bought One, Mods Please Close. Ty smiley

Selling Jane Ramba and Lin Xia Message me for more details.

Hi guys, update:
* Eebiza: 4.6K per head (183 copies)
* Klawz 0xp: 1.8K per head (45 copies)

900K for the one who buy both lots! smiley

My wish list (in order of preference):
* Vickie Cr, Lamar Cr, Splata cr
* any cr over 300K
* cash (via secure trade)

Thank you! smiley

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