wednesday 13/06/2012

Just to complete my collection

I would like
1. Selsya CR + Sigmund CR, OR
2. Rass CR, OR
3. Ambrose CR + Dwain CR + Ombre CR

Please PM to discuss.

I will be trading my jackie cr + 50k worth of cards of your choice for a jim cr!

drop me a mail if interested =)

I'm trading a rare Haaken for any Ulu Watu card(s) priced over 10000

Hes got a great offer thats updated from this one

Smokey Cr
all full xp
and 60k clintz

hope this helps bob good luck on getting tanaereva cr

Hello !
I want to sell 31 Selma 0xp !

I ask 15.000/tete ( Cards or Cash )

I accpt all cards , PM ME

If you need to know who got Terry Cr , please pm The Flash directly. It seems that he has lost interest in this thread, or has decided not to award Terry Cr to anyone


28 + 28 + 20 = 76k
rather just have 75k...

tuesday 12/06/2012

Lot 1 has been sold.

Hello guys i trade mi Sigmund Cr 0 exp!

I am interested in clint and Cr.

I value it at market price


Cash + Tanaereva Cr

No more Katja smiley Others still available for buying

Trade for'BUlks' Lucy, Current market price.

Need a Sammy for Sentinel deck. Deal with me smiley

Im looking to trade my cr against your tanereva cr any exp

i have for trade
6 jackie cr 0exp
5 zatamn 0exp
5 charlie 0exp

pm me offers

Are you interested by heegrn cr ?

Please post this under Strategy and Tactics: General forum smiley

I have 60 0xp kinjo to trade/sell.
i value him at 7.5k p/h,
will accept cash or any playable cr's.
pm for a faster response,
thanks mods

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