tuesday 24/07/2012

Amendment to my Offer stated above , I've decided to further increase it !
Currently offering Tanaereva Cr , Jackie Cr , Kalindra and Wee Lee (0exp) with an addition amount of 40k Clintz !
Fixed negotiation , only dealing with the listed offer and non-others .

*Cards mentioned above are at full exp , otherwise listed .

I know i just dont want the 5% tax rate

Will give bryan and amiral py cr

I wanna buy tan man, I only have 360k at the moment so just pm me if you have one smiley

For Vickie Cr i trade:
Tanaereva Cr (500k)
Blaaster Cr (160k)
Jane Ramba Cr (60)
Charlie (54k)
Dalhia (50k)
Uranus (30k)
Thank you

Trade completed... thread closed...

I have to trade 19 graksmxxt 0 xp
I looking for : jackie cr , caelus cr , tessa cr , dragan cr
tanks mods smiley

Still looking...

Sorry my Dragan Cr has been traded so I will add the new cards to the offer now.

4 Tessa Cr
6 Caelus Cr (4 0 exp)
1 Sigmund Cr
1 Noodile
5 Jackie Cr (1 lvl 3)
1 Robb Cr
4000000 clintz

PM me and we'll talk. I know Sigmund is still there but I will try to change him out if I can find a good trade for him, or you can be nice and take him with this great offer smiley

I want to trade my scarlett cr 0exp (2.8kk negotiable smiley )

I'm looking for:
- cash
- cr
- cards +10k
- Marlysa cr

Im waiting for you
thanks mod smiley

monday 23/07/2012


I have 1x miss twice 0xp, 1 x jackie full, 1 x jackie 0xp

thanks again FO/MODs

Thanks for the advice but the recent 3 Guru trades done today to my understanding are at 11m, 11m and 11.8m.

I will not move much higher on it smiley

Selling Flavio Cr 0 xp, around 1.1 M worth of clintz and/or cards from this list...

Tanaereva Cr (400k)
Caelus Cr (208k)
Robb Cr (62k)
Blaaster Cr (160k)
Jackie Cr (215k)
Alec Cr (158k)
Kalindra (80k)
Smokey Cr (70k)
Tsubame (67k)
GraksmxxT (62k)
Kolos (61k)
Marco Cr (51k)
Copper (40k)
Uranus (30k)

waiting for your offer smiley

Look at Italian Forum, someone are selling Rass Cr

Kolos + Jane Ramba Cr 0 exp + Blaaster Cr for Reine Cr

Hey folks,

I'm willing to trade away my Lao Cr 0xp...

I'm looking for playable Crs such as Jackie, Caelus, Blaaster etc.

Pm me if you're interested!

Thanks Mods!

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