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saturday 08/09/2012


friday 07/09/2012

I have Shawoman Cr 0xp available for sale or trade.

Rate: 1.6KK clintz (negotiable).

I'm looking for playable cr (jackie, caelus, vickie, lamar, tessa).

Contact me here or via PM for your offers.

thanks mod smiley

Still buying Rescue & Junkz and Sentinel! smiley

Looking for Dalhia + small compliment. Thanks in advance!

Anyone looking to get Vickie, all it will take is a Lamar smiley lol message me if interested and see if we can work something out

0 XP or Full. Also, Tomas and Yoshida are gone

I change my vickie cr (679k )
for some card, such as Blaaster cr or tanaereva cr or robb cr or smokey cr or jana ramba or numar more cash

than mod smiley

I need them at level 1 or level 2.

I can offer:
2 Jackie Cr full exp
3 Caelus Cr full exp
a lot of 24 spike (14 0 exp)
2 Smokey Cr
3 marco cr (one 0 exp)
1 edd cr 0 exp

My offer is tractable, but i would like to give you the cards above (plus maybe something else...) smiley

Contact me or write here smiley

Good UR guys

Hi! smiley

i sell/trade my sum sam cr [2.2m - 2.3m]

I try :

vickie cr
splata cr
tanaereva cr
or another playable crs

Contact me for information

Thanks MOD & FO smiley

For each Jeyn i want 550 clintz

Wanna trade
robb cr for graksmxxt + 9000 Clintz/cards(anything that match the market value)
robb cr for smokey cr + 5500 Clintz/cards(anything that match the market value)

negotiable smiley

Private sell it to me if you want thanks

A bump and a note saying.. Still looking.smiley

thursday 06/09/2012

Buy Ayzkub 220 c/u

Traded. Look out for jackie cr palls, her price will be like a blast smiley

I offer Tuck 0 exp + 45k smiley

Pm me and we can negociate i want about 70k complement

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