saturday 21/07/2012

Splata value = 525,000 clintz

Looking for smaller cards in the range of any value between marco cr and tana cr. I'm open to any negotiations. Get in touch smiley

Yesterday... Smokey harpooned him and branded him.

Say what you want!

Says me cards , i need this nahismiley

Trading my coby for 18 Nathan too !

It is sold already plz close this admins


I offer General Cr vs this list:
Marlysa Cr
Sum Sam Cr
Tessa Cr
Dragan Cr
Vickie Cr
Lamar Cr
Elya Cr
Kerozinn Cr
Splata Cr
Ombre Cr
Tanaereva Cr
Selsya Cr
Miss Twice Cr
Jim Cr
Blaaster Cr
Alec Cr
Nahi Cr
Caelus Cr
Jackie Cr
Beltran Cr
Smokey Cr
Marco Cr
Kreen Cr
Robb Cr
Noodile Cr
Veenyle Cr

New offer my blaaster +2k for 3 marco cr

Interested in: Caelus Cr, Tanaereva Cr, Jackie Cr and Blaaster Cr
Don't mind Clints or other cards to make up a difference if there is one.

friday 20/07/2012

Hi, i´m offering my dragan cr for 7 caelus cr (0 exp or full, it doesnt matter)
thx mods..

Hi! I would like to sell my lot of 102 Lucy (0xp) for 510000 clintz (5000 each). Send me a PM if you are interested in buying.

Thanks mods!

0 exp preferably but full is fine. I value them at 2k per card.


Marco Cr (full) x1
Jackie Cr (full) x1
Kusuri (full) x40

Please PM me your offers.

I am searching a nahi cr 0 xp.

I can give you:

Clintz( max 90000-95000 clintz)
10 yoshida 0xp
10 lucy 0xp
10 nancy 0xp
2 beef 0xp
3 randal 0xp
3 michael 0xp
2 mikaal 0xp
1 bankee 0xp
1 haaken 0xp
2 ayah 0xp
1 sah brinak 0xp
4 sammy 0xp
1 heegrn cr 0xp
5 nathan 0xp
4 annuqa 0xp
4 titsouk 0xp
1 kenny full
5 benicio 0xp
8 holly 0xp
7 alesiter 0xp
12 douglas 0xp
15 lydia 0xp

Not all this for nahi cr, but you could choose of all this what you want .

Well i got someone to do the deal.....please close

And you can't sell travis ld Anyway smiley

Vickie cr full (840k) + jackie cr full (225k) +35k cash?

My Splata Cr for your Blaaster Cr + Tanaereva Cr

50 full at 2900 and 0exp at 3200

I would accept full too but not at the same price...

I am willing to trade my caelus Cr full for copies of edd cr full..

PM me to negociate!!

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