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thursday 06/09/2012

Thaumaturge Cr 0 xp (200k)
- Alec Cr any xp
- Caelus Cr any xp
- Bogdan (30k) Dregn (60k) Charlie (70k) Kolos (60k) Shaakarti (30k) and I add a Edd Cr 0 xp (50k)
- Cards in bulks
- Clintz

If none of this options doesn't work for you I'm open for offers.

Thaumaturge Cr 0 xp (200k)
- Caelus Cr
- Alec Cr
- Dregn (60k) Shaakarti (30k) Charlie (70k) Bogdan ( 30k) Kolos (60k) and I add a Edd cr 0 xp (50k)
- Cards in bulks
- Clintz

Or if these options doesn't work for you I'm open for suggestions.

Can´t belleve you´d dug up this post from when I was so noob... smiley You think he´d still be looking after 10 months?

No can do, sorry.

Still looking...

I would like to pay 675k, pm me with your offers

I'll buy wyre.

Still looking for it

I'm willing to trade my Cortez, Gil and 80k for your Alec Cr smiley

pm me if interested.

Hello. I'm selling my Diyo Cr 0xp only for CASH.

I value him at 95,5k. You choose if secure trade or private sell. Pm me or post here.

Thanks! smiley

Have 1 Jim Cr full (265k).

Looking for Blaaster Cr (135k) + Kreen Cr (60k) + Kalindra (75k) for my Jim Cr.

I trade my 0 xp cards for your same full cardsplus a complement in cash or cards
Here my cards

All Stars: Sigur, Randal
Berzerk: Taylor, Melinda
FPC: Kinjo
Frozn: Annuqa, Ayah, Niqiloda, Mikaal, Kalindra, Haaken, Bankee, Titsouk
GHEIST: Anibal, Draheera, Lin Xia
Jungo: Ongh
Junkz: Maazk, Qubik
La Junta: Ed 12, Laura, Ray
Leader: Vholt, Morphun
Montana: Avola, Don, Jimmy, Paolo
Nightmare: Azel, Russel, Cutey, Karrion, Pan
Piranas: Pesth, Tula
Pussy: Charlie (5000), Cherry, Jayzel, Lucy, Meg, Wanda
Rescue: Nancy
Skeelzsmileyr Falkenstein, Snowflake.
Sentinel: Samm
Rescue: Nancy
Vortex: C beast
Ulu Watu: Eddie, Douglas

Anyone selling haaken and ayah for 10k total please smiley
thanks mods

I offer cassio cr 0 exp ( 120.000 ) and 70 nancy 0 exp ( 100.000 ),
contact me if you're interested smiley.

How many 0xp Lena do you have left?
I will buy them all as long as the price is right smiley

I have decided that I might just sell the cards on the market... I would get lots more money for it and would be so much simpler... If you wanna trade, I will see what I have left... If Jackie Cr is not in your offer mostly likely it will NOT be accepted.
I figured that I gave good prices already.

wednesday 05/09/2012

Tessa has gone, topic closed smiley

Thank you smiley

Wow sorry im going to redo this i meant 275 my math is off i need to redo sorry mods smiley

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