friday 20/07/2012

Also have a Terry Cr i might trade of offer is right. do pm me. may not answer for 2 hours

Anybody want to shoot me a deal?(:

Hi all,
i want to sell/trade my lot of 500 wonderful Lucy 0xp:

i value the lot:

6.0K/t --------------► 3.0M --------------►pay by cash
6.2K/t --------------► 3.1M --------------►pay by cash+cards
6.4K/t --------------► 3.2M --------------►pay by cards

Im looking for:
- Cash

- This playble cr:
· Lamar cr(770K) max 3
· Blaaster cr (155K) max 18
· kerozinn cr (510K) max 5
· elya cr (720K) max 4
· marlysa cr (2.55M) max 1
· splata cr (570K) max 5
· vickie cr (835K) max 3
· tessa cr (1.1M) max 2
· dragan cr (1.4M) max 2
· caelus cr (205K) max 10
· tanaereva cr (380K) max 7
· jackie cr (225K) max 10
I will also value offers with collectionable cr.

- this cards 0xp:
· cortez (86K) max 35
· kolos (59K) max 40
· graksmxxt (69K) max 35
· charlie (55K) max 45
· copper (41K) max 60
· dregn (55K) max 45
· tsubamen (66K) max 35

thanks Mod&Fo

Looking for a Lamar Cr

Willing to trade my full exp Vickie Cr + 10k Clintz

I no longer have Cortez and I already have Robb Cr and Veenyle Cr.

I'm still looking for the other cards and I can trade also a Karrion, a C Wing and a Lehane, among others

1 heegrn against toro 0xpsmiley

thursday 19/07/2012

Lot 1 50 Jeffery 0xp starting: 50 clintz reserve: 450 each
Lot 2 25 Miho 0xp starting: 50 clintz reserve: 700 each
Lot 3 15 Rudy 0xp starting: 50 clintz reserve: 500 each

You can offer cards but please note that some might not be considered

Ending: 7/25/12 3:00 PM PST

Jackie - tanaereva - miss twice - tessa - vickie - lamar - blaaster

She's sweet she's sexy and she's 0xp!!
You want her You can have her all for 130k in clintz or if you convince me I can trade her for some cards smiley
Pm me for faster response!! Price is negotiable!!
Thanks Mods smiley

I'd be willing to pay extra with it, you should be prepared to pay extra if you so need to before you PM me though!

Please state specific cards you are looking for.

Hi all I would like to change my Marlysa Cr 0xp

Looking for crs such as

Lao Cr full
Elya Cr full
Melissa Cr full

Thanks for taking the topic moderator smiley

Fei + heitachi + Jautya + Murray + Sigma + SkrumxxT + Stella + Moses + Michael 0exp + C Wing + Cyb Lhia + C Beast + Nistarok per la vostra Kalindra

Finally i got it about 17.5M,so close the subject.

It's yours my friend, as long as you have a Caelus Cr and 40K clintz.
Or you can pay me 245K clintz if you don't have him.

Thank you moderators.

Will also substitute Taylor, Naginata, and Eloxia for 23k clintz (total) if preferred.

I can offer Seldnor Cr and 100,000 clintz for Caelus Cr.

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