thursday 19/07/2012

Buy tanaereva by 315000.
price negotiable.smiley

If you want my advice don't trade to players, there both horrible deals (especially Det_Samson, shame on you !) just sell your Tsubame on the market for full value

I have 12 Coopers, 9 Jackie Cr (7 0xp) and a few more budgets, contact me smiley


I propose my Tanaereva Cr and Kerozinn Cr for your Vickie Cr, private message me with offers.

Thanks mods

wednesday 18/07/2012

I buy your Douglas 0xp for 195/head in my private sell

Hoping to buy wardom for 12272 cz, card lvl doesnt matter.


Sorry , this post is very very old. I've got the cards I needed anway, please close mods.

Regards Psychronic

I trade a Jackie Cr 0xp for others Cr's with an equivalent price

Ty mod, sell all, close the post!!smileysmileysmileysmiley

I value them at, at least 1,100 each, totaling 110,000 clintz for the whole lot.
PM me for fastest response.

I offer marco cr+20k for robb cr 0xp!smileysmiley

Looking to buy blaaster cr for 120k if intrested put it in my ps

I have Striker and i'm wanting to collect a deck of Sentinel cards. Im looking to trade it off for cards worth about the same amount. might take 13-14k worth of sent cards for striker. he is 16k right now

Hello! i buy all your bristone! smiley

bristone full: 3.9k
bristone 0xp: 4.8k

directly into my private sales

I'm offering 30k, Heegrn Cr, and Emeth for a copy of Robb Cr.

Please feel free to pm me. Thanks! smiley


I want to trade my Carlus Cr 0xp for 78 0xp or mixed sammy

tuesday 17/07/2012

Mods thanks for everything, finished the tradesmiley

The offer is now 1 Caekus Cr 0xp + 5 Marco Cr 0xp + Jackie Cr for 1 vickie Cr

Want Robb Cr, I have these to offer : Vermyn N , Shann and 30k.

Thanks Mods smiley

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