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monday 27/05/2013

I'd take jess's offer! smiley

Lol love you booby smiley pm me to work out the trade for all those full?

Please use the Strategy and Tactics: General forum smiley

I value her at 40k a peice i can give 8 0 exp kawamashi cr 0 exp per kalindra
or i can give 1 jackie cr for 4 kalindra
or i can give bogdan full + 3 kawamashi 0 exp for 1

567k and/or ELO cards like Kerozinn Cr or Blaaster Cr , etc. pm offers thanks

Yes but now there is only 1 t gaank 0xp under 4k,not 10,20 or 30

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sunday 26/05/2013

39 aleyster (1 0exp)
3 Beef
5 Bernie (di cui 3 0exp)
3 Norman (1 0exp)
3 Ayzkub
9 Darril (2 0exp)
3 Drummond
1 Gus (0 exp)
2 Esther
2 Jeffrey
3 Lola Noel (1 0 exp)
2 Rudy (1 0exp)
2 Vivian (1 0exp)
2 Uma (1 0exp)

for all 28k

contact me in mp

180k or trade to Junkz

Offers on PM smiley


close the tem bye bye

I'm looking for Bogdan, Tsubame, Jane Ramba Cr, Kenny Cr Robb Cr, Striker, Stacey (all of them for example)

some of these cards should be in an offer smiley

For that to change 109 Maamoon Sting and Hula.
We also sell them:
Maamoon--------------------------- unit 950 clintz
Hula------------------------------- 1700 unit clintz
Sting-------------------------- 1500 clintz the unit

Or trade for cr's playable or not playable cash and cards.
Thanks Mods

You 3 roob + 5k x my jackie cr

Hello people i sell or trade my 150 yoshida 0exp that i value around 8k each

i'm looking for:

cr playables like tanaereva cr 190k, lamar cr 420k,etc etc
i value also offer with cr unplables, and also other offer with normal cards

if you are interested contact me, all is negotiables smiley
i only use secure trade


Lyse 7M? Add 900k and i accept smiley

I now no longer need lin xia and no longer for trade are a copy of sah brinak and haaken

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