tuesday 17/07/2012

Adding DJ Korr Cr 0xp (300k) to the list smiley

Hello, I am offering my Manon Cr full and I am looking for 50 Marco Cr's in return. If you would like to negotiate or have interest please PM me

Have a nice day

Update: i might consider other trades, like kenny or in clans like rescue, skeelz, roots, freaks and pussycats.


Sell Lão Cr 0xp for 1,6 - 1,7 M

Looking crs like Jackie Cr Caelus Cr Robb Cr Blaaster Cr + cash.


2,5 - 2,6M
Looking for crs like Jackie Cr, Vickie Cr, Blaaster Cr...

Send PM.
Thanks Mods

Updated trade on market prices.
4 Caelus 0xp for Lamar any xp + Robb any xp.


I have a Full xp Splata cr that i am looking to trade

I preferably would like 16 Edd cr

PM me for Negotiations


I'm selling or trading each of my 82 Gretchen for 1450.
Please send me a message.

I give you my Uranus 2/3 xp + 700 clints for Uranus 0xp!
Contact me in private! Thanks

Hey mates, looking for bulk tolliver @ 220 each. Price is negiotable.


Hey guys got some 0xp darril, selling them or trading
I thinking 250 per piece ???

please put your offers below

I have to trade
400 ector 0 xp - 400 clintz each smileysmileysmiley
100 c blade 0 xp - 780 clintz each smileysmiley
40 lehane 0 xp - 6,5k each
100 bernie 0 xp - 200 clintz each

I like cr's playables and , tolliver 0 xp , michael

Tanks mods

I have graksmxxst + 50k +spyke

GraksmxxT +tsubame + 50k for caelus??

Offering 60k, pm me or sent me a private sale, anything works tyvm.

As the title says I want to make a trade, my Lamar Cr for your Vickie, to make it fair I can throw in some clintz

Pm me for a faster reply.

monday 16/07/2012

Hi im looking to trade my kalindra for


I value Kalindra at 83000 and the cards i ask for the value is 82900 pm me with offers

I prefer Jackie Cr full cause I want her for playing and I don't wanna give a complement.

For reference:
Nahi Cr
Jackie Cr

Good luck!

I trade my Vickie Cr full for Lamar Cr full. atm theres a gap of nearly 50k, iam open to suggestions.
secure trade only!


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