wednesday 25/07/2012

I sell/trade this crs. I'm looking for crs like caelus cr and blaaster cr + cash.
If you're interesed, send a mp to me.
Thanks mod.

Newsflash, 0xp crs are worth more than full xp crs, so you would be getting a more expensive DJ Korr. There are those that seek 0xp.

tuesday 24/07/2012

I have a La Junta deck but it isn't that great, so im trading this cards for any La Junta's:

i currently have:

im really looking for Burger...

I have 7 Yoshida 3 full xp 4 with 0 xp.
I'd like to trade them for 25 Cutey or another competitive offer

Sell/Trade my crs. I'm looking for crs like Jackie cr, Blaaster cr and caelus cr.
I can sell by cash too.
Thanks mod.

I'd like Kawan for under the market price.

Close...changed my mind

I sold everyone expect my 2 Hammer

Amendment to my Offer stated above , I've decided to further increase it !
Currently offering Tanaereva Cr , Jackie Cr , Kalindra and Wee Lee (0exp) with an addition amount of 40k Clintz !
Fixed negotiation , only dealing with the listed offer and non-others .

*Cards mentioned above are at full exp , otherwise listed .

I know i just dont want the 5% tax rate

Will give bryan and amiral py cr

I wanna buy tan man, I only have 360k at the moment so just pm me if you have one smiley

For Vickie Cr i trade:
Tanaereva Cr (500k)
Blaaster Cr (160k)
Jane Ramba Cr (60)
Charlie (54k)
Dalhia (50k)
Uranus (30k)
Thank you

Trade completed... thread closed...

I have to trade 19 graksmxxt 0 xp
I looking for : jackie cr , caelus cr , tessa cr , dragan cr
tanks mods smiley

Still looking...

Sorry my Dragan Cr has been traded so I will add the new cards to the offer now.

4 Tessa Cr
6 Caelus Cr (4 0 exp)
1 Sigmund Cr
1 Noodile
5 Jackie Cr (1 lvl 3)
1 Robb Cr
4000000 clintz

PM me and we'll talk. I know Sigmund is still there but I will try to change him out if I can find a good trade for him, or you can be nice and take him with this great offer smiley

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