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friday 10/08/2012

Hello everyone, I am interested in trading my rass cr 0xp, which I value at 1.15m, and a copper, 45k, for a flavio cr full. Please pm me if you would like to negotiate. Also, no I won't trade my rass cr for half of what it's worth, so please don't ask.
Thanks mods

You should reconsider the price for each of them.

Thanks, Bone. i 'm glad you got yours.
i will still seaching,cards which are value about 60-70k.

I'm willing to trade for Lin Xia any xp or cards equal to the value of Kerry and Chan.

Please close. Going to pick one of the offers.

As the title says
let the offers beggin!

thursday 09/08/2012

Close please already helped him outsmiley

Nobody can guarantee it will fall back to 550k. It is now 700k - 800k. I think this card is pretty cool. It is nothing wrong if it goes over 1M.

Message me if you have any, ill pay pretty good for them. Thanks !

I have 3 Bryan's at 0 xp that I'm looking to trade for your Coby (any xp)

I also have clintz or other cards to make up the difference if necessary.

Current Market value for Bryan 0xp is roughly 6500-7000
Current Market value for Coby is roughly 25000 (though he fluctuates between 21000-26000)

PM for faster response.
My offer will "probably" go to the 1st (FAIR) offer or BEST OFFER AVAILABLE

Urban Madness

Why you behave like slimy car salesman when you can afford to be Al Pacino?

"I'm making you offer you cannot refuse - 3900 per head or I keep my cards."

Thats how you can afford to put it now.

Melisse cr 0xp not have more
Veenyle Cr have just 4 0xp

Up Up people smiley

Ombre Cr 0xp is now available ...looking for about 25k as a complement smiley

Write the exact price you want to sell your cards. You’ll be able to negotiate later on.
A sale is not an exchange nor an auction, the buyer has to be able to buy it at the price written in the subject

I've got a marco cr

Hi everyone!

I'd like to trade my Kerozinn Cr for a Splata Cr + a complement of 75k in Cltz/Cards.

For offer, haggles and deals. Feel free to contact me anytime.

PM may provide faster response.

Thanks! smiley

OwButtacup is right, avatar sale threads are not permitted. Sorry :/

Hello, im looking for Tanaereva cr. I can offer you the following card for him: Angie B Ball Bodenpower Graff Lennox Shann Vermyn N Willy Melinda x2 Taylor Baldovino Cassandra Gork Rolph Toro Wardom Gibson Rowdy Dugan Laura Naginata Trish Wardog Azgroth Ghumbo Kenny Nistarok Sliman x2 Selina Dregn Serena Lulabee Hikiyousan Shakra Rosen + 40k. I Think that should be equal to one Tanaereva cr, if it isent i also have GraksmxxT Miss Stella SkrumxxT Stella Uranus. You can chose any combination so that the price will be equal. Thank you

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