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monday 20/05/2013

Hi all,

I'd like to trade mi lamar cr 0xp (435k) for other cards (I don't care if they are 0xp or not). I leave you a list of what I'm interested in:

jim cr (260k)
Jackie cr (115k)
caelus cr (105k)
blaaster cr (76k)
dalhia cr (45k)
sylth cr (35k)
kenny cr (40k)
ongh (37k)
dregn (35k)
kalindra (40k)

I'm not interested in mega-packs of 10 kenny cr for example, only 2 copies of each card max. I'm also not interested in unplayable Crs. If you have any cards that are not in the list to fill the offer, if they worth more than 25-30k I may accept them, but there should be at least 3-4 cards of the list so I consider your offer.smiley

Thanks smiley

If you really interessed, the prices in market are complemented in clintz.

Sent MP.


sunday 19/05/2013

All cards are gone

I changed my mind. I don´t want to trade him anymore. smiley

The price is rising only 8-10 are 0xp the others are either full or pfull.

Thanks Jess and Xi_Chi_Teke for the help.

I'm looking to trde off my Lao Cr for a Vickie Cr and Tanaerve Cr. I will also accept clintz as long as it amounts to around 700kish (Currently marketed at 770kish although I'm willing to go aa bit cheaper smiley).

I Looking for Bryan or similar cards.

make your offers

My offer Vickie Cr +2robb cr +blaaster cr
PM me for offers

Any 2 stars card for 100 clintz each or negotiable...

I'm searching for tessa cr...
i can add on elya cr 0xp 63 dolly 0xp and some cash.
pm me please!

Check market..

General cr and tanaereva cr for your kiki cr

Now I have 98,000. I don't mind full XP.. Thank you.

As said in the title. Looking for only 2k. Please pm if interested.


102k each ideally, will maybe trade for other collectors.

Offers via pm please.


saturday 18/05/2013

Hello to everybody, i sell or trade my melissa cr full exp 320k

i search
cr playables Tanaereva Cr 190k, Cr Jackie 115k etc etc

i value all offers, if u are interested contact me
i trade only with secure trade


Ok lyse teria cr is sold. Close the post.

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