sunday 20/05/2012

Sorry my english is very,very bad
change mi elya 0 exp for your elya full + complement in card´s or clints

thanks mods smiley

8 jackie cr 0xp + 1caelus cr + 1 blaaster cr 0xp

31 Veenyle Cr for lamar cr

In Clint's I offer 243k for 0xp

You wanna sell blaaster? if so how much?

I wanna buy a dorain at 12k pm if u are willy to sell me

Daily bump untill I get Generalsmiley

Lets trade

For 20k clintz plus mona negotiable. pm if interested smileysmileysmileysmileysmiley

Updated list:

Ghumbo = 19k
Kolos = 57k
Ahkab = 13k
Raeth x2 = 14k
Michael = 28k
Shaakarti = 22k

Total = 153,000

Still looking

Hello I'm seeking Guru cr for 10mil

I offer: Clint's roughly 4.8mil
Lamar cr
Terry cr
Chikko cr
Diyo cr
Kreen cr
Veenyle cr
Amirel py cr
Jane ramba x2
Edd cr x2 1 0xp
Cassio cr
Marco cr
Page cr
Noodile cr x8
Heegrn cr

Plus many many other cards like cortez Dregn kolos ongh etc to name a few.

Pm me for faster response

Ty mods smiley

Deadline is Friday, May 25th at 6pm eastern time

Send me heegrn CR for 11k in private sale. I will buy it

saturday 19/05/2012

Looking for Karrion , preferably level 2
Trading Kenny or other card you may need. Message me your offers

515k for vickie CR 0 exp on market smiley

Market sell 909k smiley

Now Ambrose Cr is only 450,000. Offer still stands at 505,000 with above deal. If you don't want A Award Cr I can change the trade to include Tanaraeva Cr

Anyone there willing to sell one,you can bargain with me smiley

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