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thursday 30/08/2012

Found 2 so far still looking i'm looking for 4-7 more smiley

My Chad for 19 moses...contact for mp

I want your vickie cr

Trading my edd cr for zatman hefty maurice and kayazan (:

wednesday 29/08/2012

Then you should buy what is on the market, not mine.

I have 2 lao cr 1 full 1 0 exp
i will sell both of them for 2.6m cash OR
ombre cr + marlysa cr OR
8 ombre cr 0 exp
thanks mods smiley

Jose star 0xp 700 per piece 14 for sale all for

Selling my marco cr for 58000 or trading for any upper cards of equal value (:

I want to trade my Melissa Cr 0xp (500 k).
I accept clintz and/or cards like tanaereva cr (340 k), caelus cr (180 k), jackie cr (205 k) Selsya cr (225k)...
No bulks please.
if someone offer a splata cr or Kerozinn Cr, i'll add a spyke 0xp.

Still and certainly looking for the cards. Thanks! smiley

Sorry its 0xp btw

got a pm

Hi um i need to clarify i want a Jackie Cr full xp not 0 xp..

Selling for 75,000 or for jame ramba and complient

Give me 7k more and the deal is done because clover's price has fallen

tuesday 28/08/2012

Graksmxxt is gone

Also selling Tessa Cr for around 1045000 clintz.

Looking to buy TanMan CR for the following cards:

2x Kolos (0xp)
Robb CR (full)
2x Kenny (0xp)
Numar (0xp)
Shaakarti (0xp)

The remainder can be made up with the following cards of your choice:
Ghumbo (0xp)
2x Terry CR (full xp)
Noodile CR (full xp)

up to 10k clintz
assorted cards worth between 4-10k clintz


I want to sell my aldebaran cr (1 M) and my melissa cr 0xp (520 k). I accept clintz, or cr like tanaereva (337 k) caelus (180 k), jackie (205 k) blaaster (160 k) and vickie (630 k)

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