thursday 17/05/2012

List estimate of 220,000 Clintz, additional payment is required.
Cards are not in the list, which may be of interest
Z3r0 D34d

Final completed
thanks to all that i traded with


A award cr has a higher market value now than Reine Cr.

Any takers??

wednesday 16/05/2012

Want 9k for both of them. 4.1k for Benicio and 4.9k for Selina.

I know it's only a small trade, but they are 2 really desirable cards I just got from the same pack smiley

Thanks mods

I want either lola or taham that make it equal trade

thanks mods.

Also need to clarify that I'm obviously not offering all of those cards for Alec Cr, I was simply stating what I was willing to trade and if you message me we can work out a fair deal!

And a graksmxx t50k

I'm looking for some low Cr's like jackie Cr or the new ones... I value the beautiful and exceptional Scarlett Cr in 2M3

Thank's for posting!!

I want your Marlysa Cr... I offer 30 Marco Cr (full),

Pm me if you have an offer

He problem is you want 0 XP to be more expensive smiley

tuesday 15/05/2012

I have 2 Elya cr to trade or sell

Searching for: edd cr 's, noodile cr 's, jackie cr 's and/or Clintz(clintz are the most welcome)

PM me to make a deal.

Want to trade X-0DUS + 10K for Copper and Coby.

Will also sell X-0DUS for 44,800 clintz

Anyone interested? I will take bulk of cards or job lots.

For a timber

I will trade these characters for cards worth 16 800 or more please be generous

2 bubbles
3 jiro
1 tino
2 Azel
1 cutey
12 puff
5 craho
3 gertjan
5 klaus
these are a bunch of great characters that are worth trading for

End date: 01/07/2012

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