friday 25/05/2012

Trade my armanda cr full for armanda cr 0 xp
the complement is 15 / 20 k in cars or cash
taks mods smiley

I want to secure trade someone my Shakra for their Methane and Toro, it doesnt matter the experience but I prefer oxp smiley

thursday 24/05/2012

Remember that you can do multiple offers, you can give lots too, like sammy 0xp, desmond 0xp...
Thank you!

CLOSE please thank you

PM'd you with my offer.

Selling 12 copies of gordon:

8 are 0xp
2 are 500xp
2 are full xp

Looking for around 11,000 clintz, please message me if interested - Thanks!

Hello, today i trade my dragan cr 0xp for your kerozinn cr + lamar cr full xp.

Thanxs mods, bye.

I have 80 gus 0 exp if you're interested, pm me smiley

I want to buy Kreen Cr for around 45k.
That price is VERY negotiable!
The money isn't an issue, so shoot me a pm and offer!

Only need one and I dont care about 0xp. I plan on playing her at 3*s

I will valute kazayan 5.3k/each
i buy yoshida 0xp for 5.8/each

Done, thx

Can close thanks smiley

The price is negotiable

Zatman for GIL smiley

Searching in market , smiley

Up, and during the time at l wrote this and now both copper and dorian's prices have gone down so a compliment of cash is acceptable

What Cashtrion said smiley

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