sunday 08/07/2012

Lot 1- Falcao
lot 2- URS_Auhurr1

I have this cards to trade for Jackie Cr

Oraya (12 000)
Copper (40 000)
Hawk (14 000)
Praxie (19 000)
Kenny (19 000)
Loiuse (16 000)
Ahkab (15 000)
Emeth (21 000)
Wardom (15 000)
Hammer (17 000)
Melvin (13 000)
And 27 000 clintz

Total: 230k

I can add something, just pm me

Ahahahahaha ehm... i'm poor,so i try to have discounts... can anyone sell me that cards? smiley

No one is interested in a nice DJ Korr Cr 0xP?

Traded close plz

I trade 35 klawz 0 xp (1700/t)
i seek smokey cr or a lot of douglas
if you offer smokey cr i add 4.5k
contat me only in pm thanks mod and fo

Message me who's interested. thanks mod.

Please Write the name of the card/s you want to give in return.

Hi I`m looking to trade couple of my Piranas for few Sentinels.

I have to trade : Katan, Raeth, Selma, Ahkab, Bloodh, Dahlia

I`m looking for: Copper, Jakson, and maybe Coby (if his price goes down to 17k or 18k)

saturday 07/07/2012

Hello everyone I'm looking to Purchase Elya cr i have 569806 clintz if anyone would help it would be apreciated

Sold, please close. I take the best deal AoE. smiley

I'm trading my jackie full xp for 214,000 worth of cards or clintz

i'm mostly looking for a variety of characters from the following clans:

Still open 11 logan + bristone for your edd cr...cmon no one?

Its ok for me, u want it full xp or semievo?

I trick my general cr es 0xp

Okay. My Lamar Cr - 740k. We can haggle.
Interesting Dregn, X-0DUS. Clintz more interesting than cards.
Write to PM smiley

I can do 19k now!smiley

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Write the name of the card/s you want to give in return

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