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tuesday 14/05/2013

Completely correct and still searching!


400 eebiza > 2.5M clintz smiley

Hey ill trade my ed12 and assorted juntas for other juntas i have

no nam and various other weaker junta might be interested in a half deck of another clan as well pm me plz and thx

Hello everyone I sell my Seldnor Cr for 90 k is 0 xp or change it for good playable cards or cash and cards
Thanks Mod's.

Marlysa cr is 0exp smiley now

Selling a uranus full: 26k clintz

also willing to trade it for a spyke + 4k or spyke + taylor. just send me a PM if you're interested or want to negotiate. thanks.

This thread may now be closed, I bought these cards on the market

Best I can do is 21.5k per Raven.

Still looking. Price of kawa has been updated to current market price, as is the price for every other card

monday 13/05/2013

30 Felicia Full xp 675Ctz Each
20 Felicia lvl 2 680Ctz Each

I would like 30k in complement, clintz or any card, secure trade.

Ok, 10k compliment - let's call it a promo as nobody interested as far.

Unfortunately not, please make a new thread smiley

Found yayoi 1x ryuichi, elvis still go on smiley

Hi all,

I trade my Guru Cr full xp. I would like around 8,3M in cards/cash.

I want 800k cash min in your offer.

I'm looking:

- Tanaereva Cr: 205k
- Jackie Cr: 123k
- Caelus Cr: 103k
- Blaaster Cr: 77k
- XU52: 11k
- Diana: 7,8k
- Clover: 8k
- Dorian: 27,5k
- Lola: 5,3k
- Kalindra: 45k
- Hikiyousan: 15,5k
- Marina: 21k
- Striker: 18k
- Leviatonn: 15k
- Rowdy: 13k

Transaction: SE.


9 left new price of 41k

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