monday 14/05/2012

Change to reine cr by Cr, but priority for the two I said abovesmiley

Close pls

Sell ndololo cr 0 XP + Noodile cr for 1,1KK
only cash
the prico of ndololo 0 xp is1,2kk smiley
tanks mods

Cards available
100 Magenta 0xp
200 Baba
10 Desmond
1 Marco cr
1 Smokey cr
1 Alec cr
1 Noodile cr

PM to negotiate

Jackie Cr has goneandI don't need A Award Cr any more. Still looking for Melissa Cr (430k) and Beltran Cr (190k). Also if you are selling Dwain Cr I would like to get one (0xp for 210k)

Want to trade Ghumbo , Kenny and Karrion (all full XP) For Robb Cr (0XP)

Sold! Thank you UR staff!

Like the title says, im looking for a smokey cr an i give my dregn plus a complement wich could be in cards or clintz.
I need it AS SOON AS possible.

The trade of the cards could be today or the next weekend because im online only those days

Same here

You have already put these cards up for auction and a similar thread is not permitted smiley

Hello, I'm looking for people who are willing to sell their Bogdan.

16,500 (No more, no less.)
Any xp/level
9 Copies
Offer closes when: All 9 copies bought or before Friday this week.

Please send it to me via private sales! Thank you very much!

P.S. I'm aware that Bogdan in the market as of now is around 17,000. It's alright if you do not wish to me, but if you're in urgency to claim the clintz, look no further! I will buy your cards within 24 hours if I'm offline.

I buy
Uranus 18.6k
Graksmxxt 48k

Wanting to sell 14 Dash from Junkz for around 21000 ctz or happy to trade for similarly priced cards.

Very open to offers so PM me smiley

20 fixit 0 XP for 1 beltran cr
it's more of eebiza smiley

Only have 50 C Beast left and 6 Cyb's left out of those two lots.

Still looking for offers.


I want to buy one Marlysa Cr full. I pay 1.6M clintz,

PM me smiley

I will buy Jackie cr for 100k plus some cards in trade doesnt matter what level
10 Dallas - 25-30k
45 Ace - 20-22K
Total is 145-152k

Check out my auctions! sale 5-20% off smiley


All the cards + 5000? for Sylth and Ongh?

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