thursday 05/07/2012

Title says it all, just private trade me with the price if interested.

Still lookingsmiley

I am looking to make the following trade:

My 0exp Jim Cr for your Tanaereva Cr at any experience.

Able to supply a small collateral.

That is all.

Thanks FO,

wednesday 04/07/2012

Looking to trade a few of my Cr's for one off the list below. I'll accept other propositions but I'm looking primarily for these 3 cards.

I'm looking for:
Vickie Cr
Lamar Cr
Splata Cr

What I offer:
Miss Twice Cr
Beltran Cr (0 xp)
Skullface Cr
Smokey Cr
Edd Cr
Jane Ramba Cr
Marco Cr
Robb Cr

PM me for faster results.

Please close. Traded with Jess.

25 Qorah 0xp/1k per Qorah
25 k

Set it up... i'll be back on later. both full is that ok?

Looking to buy noborodriod for 8k if intrested pls put it in my private sales

*Bump* come on guys

I looking for GraksmxxT and have Copper, Marina, and other cards to trade for him.

Oh, this offer is for 0XP

For full XP, remove one caelus and the 64k add on. Total value - 2100000 ish.

Like the title says, PM to set up a trade smiley

I accept Cash , Lot's (Sah Brinak 0xp, Edwin 0xp or Niqiloda 0xp) and Cr (Blaaster Cr , Caelus cr, Jackie cr)

Taylor is a good investment for the LD Berzek !

If interested PM, ty.


All what i need is only Dregn 0 xp, i offer many 0 xp cards too :

5 X-0dus vs 6 Dregn
3 Graks vs 4 Dregn
1 Dagg + 1 Heegrn Cr + Taylor vs 1 Dregn
5 C beast + Spyke vs 1 Dregn
6 Kazayan + 1 Hefty vs 1 Dregn
4 Oraya vs 1 Dregn
13 Miss stella vs 1 Dregn
2 Noodile + 1 Sah Brinak vs 1 dregn
1 Yayoi + 5 Selina vs 1 Dregn
3 Ahkab + 1 Tula vs 1 Dregn
1 Karrion + 1 Ghumbo + 2 Oshitsune vs 1 Dregn
7 Arnie + 2 ray vs 1 dregn

Thx in advance Mod

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